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Wednesday, January 28, 2015
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BVSD to invest $2.5M in instructional technology over next 5 years

March 13. 2014 9:16AM
The Brandon Valley School District is in the process of making additional investments in providing wider access to instructional technology throughout the district. Next year, the district plans to add $430,000 to the existing technology budget and the Five-Year Plan includes $500,000 per year for years two and three, and $525,000 for years four and five. A total of nearly $2,500,000 in additional funding will have been invested in new instructional technologies over the five-year period.

This year the district used a competitive grant process to determine where to make the instructional technology investments for next year. Twenty-five proposals were submitted with 10 proposals chosen to receive funding. In addition to the 10 proposals, there will be increased investments in making instructional technology more generally available throughout the district by adding mobile computing labs and by purchasing additional technology for teachers.

The proposals competing for the limited resources available were independently scored by instructional technology experts from South Dakota higher education to eliminate any internal bias that might occur by using in-district scorers. We congratulate those who submitted proposals that overcame the funding threshold and recognize the fact that other proposals that were submitted were also of high quality.
Unfortunately, not every proposal could be funded this year. The commitment to over $2 million in subsequent years means many of the needs identified will be met in the near future.

The $430,000 for 2014-15 is a good step forward in increasing access to instructional technologies. The district looks forward to the future when it can continue to invest in the creation of learning environments that result in success.

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