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Wednesday, January 28, 2015
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Police report: 3/17

March 17. 2014 8:39AM
Friday, March 14
• Theft reported in 1200 block of East Birch Street, under investigation.
• Disorderly subjects in 700 block of East Holly Boulevard, all advised.
• Fire alarm in 700 block of South Eighth Avenue, checked OK, unfounded.
• 911 hang-up in 700 block of South Eighth Avenue, misdialed, checked OK.
• Disorderly subject in 800 block of North Quartzite Avenue, Marcus Steven Shields, 22, lodged for 24/7 violation.
• Tagged abandoned vehicle on I-90.

Saturday, March 15
• Parking violation in 1420 block of East Redwood Boulevard, owner moved.
• Parking violation at East Redwood Boulevard and North Tamarac Avenue, owner moved.
• Report of disorderly phone calls in 1300 block of East Keystone Drive, advised.
• Fraud reported in 220 block of West Greenwood Street, under investigation.
• Joel Herman Ashby III, 30, arrested for simple assault-domestic in 400 block of South First Avenue.
• Report of a reckless driver at West Holly Boulevard and Sandstone Avenue, located and advised.
• Assist Sheriff’s office with car-deer accident on I-90.
• Medical emergency in 1010 block of North Splitrock Boulevard, turned over to MED-Star.
• Tayleigh Elaine Burkhard, 23, arrested for DUI-1st.

Sunday, March 16
• Medical emergency in 1100 block of North Splitrock Boulevard, turned over to MED-Star.
• Vicki Jayne McDowell, 49, arrested for warrant service in 400 block of South Fourth Avenue.
• Theft reported in 320 block of South Main Avenue, under investigation.

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