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Wednesday, December 24, 2014
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Sioux Falls Regional Airport launches social media campaign
By Staff reports

March 21. 2014 9:18AM
The Sioux Falls Regional Airport (FSD) is using social media to ask travelers to “Share Your Story.” The idea began when FSD launched a new TV spot featuring a Sioux Falls military family reunited in the FSD lobby.

“This is a real family and these are real emotions,” says Dan Letellier, Airport Manager. “These are the kinds of stories we see every day at the airport. Whether, it’s someone coming home or a group of friends or a family heading out on a memorable adventure.”

The TV spot launched in early February and immediately went viral, gaining a couple thousand views in just a couple of days. The spot even caught the eye of KELO TV and KTWB radio. Future spots are in the works – featuring Make-A-Wish families, among other events.

As a result, the airport launched a new site where travelers can share their stories by snapping one or multiple photos and posting them to the site, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

“We are confident this will gain as much popularity as the TV spot.” adds Letellier, “And, with more affordable flight options to more destinations, this is just another example of how we continue to bring people together.”

The site for sharing stories is:

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