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Monday, July 28, 2014
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Beef Checkoff supports new product launch: Schmacon™
By Staff reports

March 28. 2014 9:01AM
Move over bacon, there’s a new sizzle on the skillet! It’s called Schmacon™ – or steakon – and it’s about ready to make it’s market debut. Schmacon developer Howard Bender, Hyde Park Culinary Institute of America chef and Chicago deli owner, is excited to share his creation with the world.

“Schmacon is just about ready to head to the market, and it’s been a crazy ride so far,” Bender said. “In the first and second quarter of the launch, we will be releasing Schmacon to hotels, restaurants, college campuses and healthcare institutions.
Beyond that into the third quarter, we will offer a major retail rollout, with major retailers like Krogers and Hy-Vee already planning to carry Schmacon in their outlets.”

Schmacon – smoked and cured glazed beef slices – is already receiving recognition, including being honored with the 2014 Food and Beverage Innovations Award presented by the National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show. The product has the look, smell and crispiness of bacon, but it is a healthier alternative to pork bacon. A serving of Schmacon contains 30 calories, 2 g fat, and 60 mg sodium, whereas a serving of pork bacon averages 60-90 calories, 4.5-7 g fat, and 190-360 mg sodium.

The beef bacon is one of the very successful checkoff-funded Beef Innovations Group projects.

Bender says Schmacon is drawing interest from the military, ethnic groups, school lunch programs and health-conscious Americans. New products such as steakon bits for salad toppers are already getting a lot of buzz.

“Schmacon is beef’s answer to bacon,” said Bender, who appreciates the support of the beef industry and the beef checkoff in helping to launch his product. “There are a lot of folks in cattle country from states like South Dakota, Texas, Montana and Iowa who have really helped spread the word about Schmacon. Rural areas are really showing us some love for this new product.”

Bender explained the value-added to each carcass because of the development of this new beef product.

“We use a lot of meat for Schmacon that was previously going to trim and ground beef,” he noted. “The value added is huge. What was once worth 30-50 cents per pound will now be sold at $1.98 per pound as Schmacon. This is going to be big for beef producers.”

For additional information, please visit: Schmacon, patent pending process/product, is owned by Schmaltz Products, LLC, which is part of the Schmaltz family of companies, including, Schmaltz Delicatessen, a Jewish deli in Naperville, Ill., founded in 2004, and, which ships deli products across the country.

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