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Tuesday, September 23, 2014
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Train starts grass fire north of Brandon
By Staff reports

April 24. 2014 9:52AM
A passing train caused a grass fire that took almost three hours to fully contain Tuesday afternoon.

Brandon Valley fire chief Gary Lembcke said three separate grass fires were contained north of Brandon and southwest of Palisades Park.

Crews were called at noon to fight the fires in the 257th Street and 483rd Avenue area along the railroad tracks. Lembcke didn’t have an estimate on the size of the fires, but he said the fires “ran in the overgrowth along the railroad tracks of a couple of miles in various spots.”

No structures were in danger during the fire, and Lembcke said it was contained by 3:30 p.m.

Crews from Garretson and Renner assisted.

Garretson firefighters put out the remains of a grass fire Tuesday, southwest of Palisades State Park, April 22, 2014. Photo by Elisha Page/Argus Leader Media

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