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Saturday, April 18, 2015
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Storm sewer improvements to start
By By Jill Meier
Challenger editor

April 24. 2014 9:57AM
The railroad overpass leading to Stone Ridge Estates at the intersection of Sioux and Redwood boulevards will receive an update later this summer. In an effort to meet industry standards, Burlington Northern Sante Fe Railway will replace the bridge span this year.

“Later this month we will begin driving piling and various work will occur throughout the summer,” said Amy McBeth of BNSF.

McBeth added that the actual bridge change out will occur in August.

The current timber-structure bridge will be replaced with steel and concrete, she said.

“The replacement bridge is a planned project and part of our ongoing efforts to maintain and improve our private infrastructure,” McBeth said. It’s also part of the Railway’s single-year record capital commitment plan of $5 million. “This will help ensure the integrity and reliability of our network and help us meet all our customers’ expectations,” McBeth said.

Before that work begins, however, the City of Brandon will make some improvements to the existing storm sewer, which conflicts with the bridge pilings, according to project engineer Paul Sanow.

Haarsma Construction will begin removal of the existing surface starting April 28. The Brandon City Council approved the $38,177.83 project earlier this month.

Sanow said traffic will be reduced to one-lane in Sioux Boulevard throughout the construction process, but the roadway will remain open to the residential development.
A three-way stop will be installed for traffic flow purposes, as well.

Sanow said the storm sewer improvements, surfacing and erosion control should take two to three weeks to complete.

BNSF is scheduled to begin work on the overpass later this year. Sanow said Sioux Boulevard will be shut down completely for one day at that time. City engineers will keep the public informed through the Challenger, the city website, mailings, etc.

“Our coordination with the BNSF will continue during the improvements to the overpass,” Sanow said.

The Burlington Northern Sante Fe will replace the timber bridge located at the intersection of Sioux and Redwood boulevards this year. The City of Brandon will begin storm sewer upgrades at that site beginning next week. Photo by Jill Meier

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