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Friday, December 26, 2014
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Nelson endorses Krebs for S.D. Secretary of State
By Staff reports

April 30. 2014 8:50AM
State Sen. Shantel Krebs (R-Renner) announced Tuesday that former Secretary of State Chris Nelson has given his endorsement for her bid to become South Dakota’s next Secretary of State.

“Last year Shantel Krebs took a bold step announcing that she was running for Secretary of State in order to provide strong leadership needed for that office. Since that announcement I’ve had numerous conversations with Shantel about her candidacy.

"Shantel knows that providing outstanding customer service is one of the most important aspects of being secretary of state. She understands the importance of managing the election process in a non-partisan, unbiased manner while working in a team manner with county auditors across the state. Shantel knows that competent management involves seeking input from others to form the best solutions for the people of South Dakota.

"I have become convinced that she is committed to improving the secretary of state’s office and has the passion and ability to accomplish that goal. For that reason I offer my endorsement of her candidacy to be the next Republican Secretary of State for the great state of South Dakota.”

“I’m thankful and blessed that Chris has offered his support for my candidacy," said Krebs. “During my time in the legislature, Chris has become a trusted friend, a valued advisor and a role model for my strong belief in public service. I plan to restore the office to the standards of customer service Chris set during his time as Secretary of State”

Krebs is a fourth generation South Dakotan who was born and raised on the family farm in Kingsbury County, S.D.. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in business administration from Dakota State University and is currently in her fifth term in the South Dakota legislature, serving as a senator for Minnehaha County.

Senator Shantel Krebs District 25, R- Renner

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