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Tuesday, March 03, 2015
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Hegland to serve second term on school board
By Staff reports

May 15. 2014 9:52AM
Incumbent Sue Hegland was the only person to file a petition for re-election to the Brandon Valley Board of Education. The filing period closed Friday.

Hegland, who will complete her first term in June, begins her second three-year term at the Board’s July meeting.

“I am looking forward to serving a second term on the Brandon Valley Board of Education. It’s a joy to serve on the school board in this community where the growth and learning of our children is really valued,” Hegland said.

During her next term on the board, Hegland said it is her intention to continue to support the teachers and staff so they can prepare every student to learn and communicate effectively throughout their lives.

“There are many aspects to education that are important but, in my view, proficiency with written language provides the foundation for all the learning that follows. So our first and most critical job as a district is to enable every single student to become fully literate, with the ability to read fluently and write clearly,” she said.

Hegland said district patrons should be proud of the strides the District has made in its 51 years of existence.

“Our district has a long history of being innovative and effective in this area, and our community should be very proud of the work that the Brandon Valley School District has been doing for many years towards achieving this goal. I hope that I’ve been able to make a small contribution to that work over the last three years,” she said. “I appreciate the opportunity to serve this exceptional school district and community.”

Sue Hegland

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