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Saturday, February 28, 2015
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School board begins discussion on definition of ‘success’

May 22. 2014 6:00AM
The Brandon Valley School District will not be holding a school board election again this year due to having only one candidate who filed a nomination petition for the one open position. Sue Hegland, the incumbent, submitted her petition for re-election for an additional three-year term and will be installed during the organizational meeting in July.

Brandon Valley School District is lucky to have community volunteers who are willing to take on the sometimes-challenging role of a school board member. Having the school board remain intact for another year provides consistency to the leadership team. Brandon Valley’s school board consisting of Renee Ullom, Gregg Ode, Sandy Klatt, Cary Schroeder and Sue Hegland plays an integral role in creating learning environments that result in success.
One of the items on the board’s to-do list is t
o start a conversation about how the district defines “success.” The diversity of needs, talents, and desires of students, parents and the community means that the definition needs to be rather flexible since “success” means different things to different people.

The district wants to be sure that the definition of “success” is responsive to the diverse needs of all its learners and provides multiple pathways for learners to achieve at high levels. Setting goals with appropriate resource allocation will be an important part of process

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