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Monday, December 29, 2014
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New school, HVAC and sprinkler system updates among summer projects

May 28. 2014 11:26AM
Construction has begun at the site of the new intermediate school just west of Robert Bennis Elementary. The first phase includes removing and setting aside topsoil while getting the site to the approximate final grades in preparation for the footings and foundation of the building. Grading for the water detention ponds and parking lot is also well underway. We hope this dusty phase of the project lasts just a few weeks.

The goal for the construction contractor will be to get the building fully enclosed before winter weather begins to restrict outdoor construction activities. During the winter, spring and summer leading up to the 2015 opening, all the interior mechanical work and finishes will be completed. While it seems like 14 months ought to be enough time to finish the building, it is actually a very compact timeline for a building of this size and complexity.

Another big project for this summer is occurring at the high school where significant portions of the original HVAC systems are being replaced and upgraded. We are also extending the fire suppressing sprinkler systems into more areas since the ceilings will be open for the other work. With one more project in future years to cover the farthest north portions, the whole building will have the sprinklers.

There are various other smaller repair and maintenance projects going on throughout the district. In the fall students will return to more comfortable, safer buildings and playgrounds. Sometimes we know that summer seems long to some parents, but we always think it is too short from the project management perspective.

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