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Friday, January 30, 2015
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Third phase of utilities replacement, new surfacing starts next week
By By Jill Meier
Challenger editor

May 30. 2014 6:00AM
The third phase of a utilities and surfacing project in the Sylvan Park area of the city will get underway next week.

Paul Sanow, project manager with Stockwell Engineers, alerts residents that new water and sewer lines and some storm sewer improvements at the intersection of Custer Parkway and Sylvan Circle will be done in this phase, beginning the week of June 2.

Sanow said the project will require road closures at Sylvan Circle and Custer Parkway and at Custer Parkway and Crystal Place.

Local traffic, he said, will have access to Sylvan Circle on either side of the intersection, however thru traffic will not be allowed through the duration of project at intersection of Custer Parkway and Sylvan Circle.

“We encourage people to use alternate routes as necessary,” he said, adding that affected property owners should park on adjacent side streets.

Vehicle access to the city’s Pioneer Park entrance will be shut down, however, residents can enter the park on foot.

The project is scheduled for a mid-August completion. Haarsma Construction is the contractor for the project. Any concerns regarding the project should be directed to Brandon City Hall (582-6515) or to Stockwell Engineers (338-6668).

“During the project, we appreciate your patience and we understand that this is an inconvenience during construction, but the end result will be improved sewer and water services,” Sanow said.

Additional phases of utility line replacement are planned for a number of years, Sanow said, before similar upgrades will be done in the core area of the city (between Holly and Aspen boulevards and Sioux and Splitrock boulevards).
“We will try to do a project every year from now on,” Sanow said. “With the number of projects we have identified for sewer and water replacement, we want to increase the rate at which these projects are done in a timely manner and within budget.”

Sanow stressed that as the existing system ages, these repairs and improvements are necessary.

“This area was identified as a priority to repair these services due to existing service blockage (tree roots in pipes),” he said. “And the people (properties) that have had these issues in the past is where we want to concentrate our efforts on putting in new water systems.”

The third phase of a utilities and surfacing project in the Sylvan Park area of the city will get underway next week. Challenger file photo

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