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Tuesday, March 03, 2015
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How's your appetite?
Homerun Challenge to be unveiled Friday at Sioux Falls Stadium
By Staff reports

June 11. 2014 11:42AM
Featuring over a pound of meat, the culinary team at the Sioux Falls Stadium will unveil a new signature sandwich this Friday as the Sioux Falls Canaries take on the Fargo-Moorhead RedHawks. Appropriately named the “Homerun Challenge”, this 18” sandwich is stuffed with smoked brisket, smoked prime rib, pulled pork, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, coleslaw, olives, jalapenos, Chef’s special Bourbon BBQ sauce and topped with two eggs cooked over easy.

Starting this Friday, fans can order the “Homerun Challenge” during every Friday and Saturday home game at the Smoke Stop, throughout the 2014 season. This foot-and-a-half long sandwich sells for $30 and is large enough to feed four adults…they will even slice the sandwich for sharing. In addition, each “Homerun Challenge” comes with a bumper sticker that reads “I hit a Homerun Challenge at The Birdcage”.

“Our team had a blast creating this sandwich, it was a true collaboration, and we can’t wait to introduce it to the fans,” said Chef de Cuisine Justin Enlund. “The brisket and prime rib is smoked on game day before being hand carved and placed on the baguette.”

For guests who aren’t ready to take on the Homerun Challenge but are craving freshly smoked BBQ, guests can find smoked prime rib sandwiches, smoked brisket sandwiches, and smoked jumbo dogs at the Smoke Stop.

Ovations Food Services and the Sioux Falls Canaries are currently working out the details to create a man vs food challenge, rewarding those who can finish the sandwich in a certain amount of time, details to follow.

Ovations Food Services’ Chef de Cuisine, Justin Enlund, is available for interviews and on-air cooking demonstrations of the Homerun Challenge.

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