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Monday, March 30, 2015
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Dakota Power Community Wind enters Phase 2 of energy project
By Staff reports

June 20. 2014 9:31AM
Having successfully completed the research phase for its Lincoln County wind energy farm, Dakota Power Community Wind is moving full speed into phase 2 of the project.

“This phase of our plan will illustrate the project’s viability,” said Paul Shubeck, Dakota Power Community Wind board chairman. “With over 100 landowners ready to dedicate nearly 23,000 acres to one of South Dakota’s largest wind projects and the research from our meteorological towers proving the power of Lincoln County wind, we’re ready to offer investors the opportunity to be a part of this exciting clean energy project.”

Led by a group of local landowners, Dakota Power Community Wind is planning a southern Lincoln County wind farm of up to 1,000 megawatts. The Dakota Power project is exploring the opportunity to connect to the Rock Island Clean Line, a 500-mile transmission project slated to cross the states of Iowa and Illinois to serve new markets in the Eastern United States.

“The Rock Island Clean Line is on track and on schedule,” Shubeck said. “We will be holding statewide investor meetings in the next two weeks, with a goal of $1.5 to $4 million in new investments to begin the permitting and development phase of the Dakota Power Community Wind project.”

The 23,000 acres of farmland currently signed up for the project are sufficient to support a 300-megawatt windfarm, according to company officials, which would add nearly 50 percent to the state’s wind energy production.

The equity drive meetings will feature presentations by company representatives and provide the opportunity for local residents and other South Dakota investors to find out more about the project and its future. For a complete schedule of the equity drive meetings, go to

Once completed, DPCW will be America’s largest community wind farm and will rank among the country’s largest wind projects ever built. The total project investment in today’s dollars would be $2 billion, requiring several equity partners over multiple years to reach that level. Based on a study done for a similar project, Dakota Power believes the potential revenue from turbines to landowners could run $6 million annually. State gross production annual tax receipts should reach over $5 million and the county nameplate tax revenues should be near $3 million per year. Statewide direct economic impacts could be in excess of $200 million.

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