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Sunday, October 26, 2014
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Scavengerís Journey starts today
By Staff reports

June 20. 2014 9:33AM
WOW, the whole house! That was the reaction from many people when the 2014 Scavengerís Journey map and guidebook became available for sale. Everyone has heard of rummage sales and flea markets where all sorts of things sell including the kitchen sink. This year, one party has upped the ante by trying to sell not just the kitchen sink but everything attached to it, as the whole house is for sale.

This and many more garage and yard sales as well as flea markets, farmerís markets, a car show, quilt show, art show and much more will be held June 20-22 as part of the Scavengerís Journey in central South Dakota.

Scavengerís Journey is a 90-mile stretch along old U.S. Hwy 16 and Interstate 90 and includes eight communities from Plankinton to Presho. This year there are just over 200 ďdotsĒ on the eight-town map.

For more information or to buy a guidebook for $2, go to for a list of sales locations or call Old West Trading Post at (605) 734-0770.

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