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Saturday, October 25, 2014
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AveraChart offers patients electronic access to health records
By Staff reports

August 14. 2014 6:00AM
Avera is offering a new way for patients to become a more active partner in their own health care through AveraChart, a secure Internet portal to a patient’s individual electronic medical record.

Avera hospitals and clinics are now enrolling patients in AveraChart. Patients can begin the enrollment process simply by contacting their clinic or hospital registration staff. Receptionists will provide the exact information patients need to self-enroll at home, or will start the enrollment process for them.

Using AveraChart from their home computer or mobile device, patients can message their care team, review test results, read their health record, see their visit history and more.

AveraChart is available across the entire Avera system, through all Avera hospitals, clinics and providers. So far, approximately 30,000 Avera patients have signed up.

“We’re pleased to offer AveraChart throughout the region. Our local providers enjoy developing a strong personal connection with patients and their families. Nothing replaces a face-to-face visit. Yet with today’s widespread use of the Internet, AveraChart offers another way to stay engaged with our patients,” said Tad Jacobs, DO, Chief Medical Officer for Avera Medical Group.

Just like online banking, an Internet portal offers patients the benefits of convenience and privacy. “Patients can request a prescription renewal or check test results, anytime, day or night. Wherever patients have access to the Internet, they have access to AveraChart,” Dr. Jacobs said.

While clinic and hospital staff check messages often and respond in a timely manner, AveraChart messaging is not intended for emergencies. “In an emergency, or if you are unsure about acute symptoms, go to your local emergency room or call 911,” Dr. Jacobs said.

Similar to online banking or other online transactions, patients can trust the security of AveraChart. “AveraChart was created specifically for our health system with extensive measures to ensure that patient records remain private and secure,” Dr. Jacobs said.

Parents can request proxy access for their children’s records; likewise, adult children can request proxy access for elderly parents.

No one has access to electronic patient records except for the patient and care team.
For example, insurance companies, employers, government, law enforcement agencies or schools cannot access patient records on AveraChart.

More than ever before, medical providers are interested in helping patients prevent disease and maintain overall good health.

“AveraChart is an important tool of health care delivery in today’s society,” Dr. Jacobs said. “It is meant to enhance a patient’s relationship with his or her physician and care team – not replace the advice of a medical provider.”

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