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Wednesday, March 04, 2015
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Early enrollment numbers on pace to meet projections

August 12. 2014 1:36PM
Brandon Valley School District continues to grow each year. The school board adopted a budget for this year that was based on growing by 120 students and that seems to be reachable by the official count day near the end of September.

The enrollment is fluid at this time of year as families begin to let the district know that they have moved in or out of the district and open enrollment in and out of neighboring districts gets approved. The high school is over 1,000 students this year and is on track to exceed its target enrollment while the middle school is over the projected target by two students. Every single room in the middle school is being used and it is at, or near, the practical capacity of the building. The new intermediate school will certainly provide necessary relief next school year.

Several elementary schools have grade levels that are “full” for accepting new open enrollment students, but can still squeeze in a few more new resident students if they show up. The elementary enrollment is just a few students short of the projected enrollment assumed in the budget.

Overall, the district anticipates meeting the projection or possibly exceeding it by a few students. This makes the budget “work” on the revenue side and provides a sigh of relief for the superintendent and business manager.

Teachers and other staff return this week to make final preparations for the return of students on Tuesday, Aug. 19. The entire staff is looking forward to another great year in Brandon Valley where, “Our business is the creation of learning environments that result in success.”

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