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Sunday, December 21, 2014
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BVHS Class of ’14 garners high ACT marks

August 26. 2014 11:04AM
ACT results for the 2014 graduating class were released last week with Brandon Valley students performing very well. The ACT is an assessment that gauges college readiness and is one of the indicators the State of South Dakota uses to rank school districts. 189 students in the Class of 2014 from Brandon Valley took the ACT.

The composite score for Brandon Valley graduates was 23.8 compared to the state average of 21.9. Brandon Valley also beat the composite average score of all the surrounding states. Minnesota was the closest with 22.9. The district was above the state average in every test category, i.e. English, math, reading and science.

ACT uses a benchmark score of 20 or higher in math as an indicator that a student will be successful in college math classes. 78.65 percent of the Brandon Valley test-takers met or exceeded that level, which is near the top for AAA/AA high schools in South Dakota. The benchmark in English is a score of 18 or higher. 86.46 percent of the Brandon Valley students scored at or above that level. This, I believe, is the highest percentage in the AAA/AA ranks.

Brandon Valley has a long tradition of scoring high in virtually all measures of academic success and we can be proud that last year was no exception. The students and staff of Brandon Valley work hard to achieve at high levels. By this measure we are well on the way to “creating learning environments that result in success” for our college-bound students. Still, teachers and administrators are always seeking ways to help all students to achieve at higher levels.

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