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Sunday, March 29, 2015
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BV cheer team going after 3rd straight ESD title
By By Jill Meier
Challenger editor

August 26. 2014 11:47AM
Coach Katee Lane and the Lady Lynx competitive cheer team hope to make 2014 their trifecta season.

After bringing home the Eastern South Dakota Conference hardware in 2012 and 2013, Lane and company will be gunning for a third ESD title in 2014.

“I’m biased, but in my opinion, a cleaner team always wins. So absolutely, we have a shot,” Lane says of winning ESD for a third straight year. “There’s always a shot with this team but it just depends how clean we are.”

Lane anticipates that Watertown, who shared the Class AA crown with O’Gorman, is Brandon Valley’s biggest obstacle in the achieving the ESD trifecta.

“They’re always extremely strong in their tumbling and they’re another one that’s always very clean, so I get a little nervous with them,” she said. “But the thing with ESD is they’ve all become tumblers, so it’s hard to say any more.”

Led by six seniors, including captain Cassidy Wethor, Lane says the Lady Lynx also have their sights set on winning the Metro Conference and state, where they finished third and seventh, respectively, in 2013. In addition to the Lynx, Lane lists O’Gorman and Washington to contend for the Metro Conference title.

“We’re younger this year and have more freshmen than we have had in the past but we are still very talented,” Lane says. Unofficial training started in the summer at open gyms, which Lane says helps to level the “playing ground” with the Sioux Falls programs.

“The Sioux Falls schools are always extremely strong because of the club support they get there,” the Lady Lynx coach said. “But the great thing about Brandon Valley is that most of these girls I have are in sideline cheer too, so we get to know each other well and by the time they get to their senior year, they are so seasoned and are strong leaders.”

That leadership this year starts with Wethor, who Lane said, was an obvious choice for the job. “Cassidy, as a junior, would be the one to keep the girls going because it’s very easy for the girls, when things aren’t going well, to get down,” Lane said.
“Starting last year, she was very uplifting and always positive, and from a junior standpoint, showing that much leadership, she was just a natural pick.”

Also from the senior ranks are Sydney Blair, Savannah Garrow, Jamie Mitzel, Hailey Murray and Karly Neuberger. Five juniors – Bailey Durfee, Annie Klumpp, Ellie Klumpp, Giana Pardee and Tessa Tobin – along with six sophomores and four freshmen make up the roster. From the sophomore class are Macy Beck, Anna Boomsma, Macy Clark, Megan Doyan, Kara Peterson and Haley Sanow, and the freshmen are Ryea Larson, Courtney Martens, Makenzie Smith and Shanley Zahn.

Lane said this year’s team features a good group of tumblers, especially amongst its underclassmen. “The tumbling we do have is young and I feel it gets better every practice,” she said. “I feel that our stunting in general is good and that we work well and hit it as a team,” she said. “That’s huge for us because we have the potential to be clean and have a good routine.”

Lane said this year’s routine has been “bumped up a notch” from last year. “Each year, you kick up the difficulty and we always have some different flips in our pyramids and things like that,” she said.

The Lady Lynx open their 2014 season this Saturday at the Aberdeen Invite, where they’ll get their first look at the ESD programs. Later in the season, Brandon Valley hosts back-to-back competitions, the Lynx Invitational on Oct. 7 and the Metro Conference on Oct. 13.

“Support is always huge,” Lane said of having the Metro championships in their home gym. “Last year with the Metro being new, the girls didn’t really know where it stood between ESD and state. But now that we’re hosting it, having the home crowd support will be an amazing thing.”
Aug. 30 at Aberdeen Invite
Sept. 2 at Watertown Invite
Sept. 11 at Yankton Invite
Sept. 20 at Brookings Invite
Oct. 2 at O’Gorman Invite
Oct. 7 Lynx Invite
Oct. 13 host the Metro Championship
Oct. 16 ESD Championship at Aberdeen
Oct. 25 State Championship at Watertown

The seniors on this year's Lady Lynx competitive cheer team are, from left: Karly Neuberger, Cassidy Wethor, Sydney Blair, Savannah Garrow, Jamie Mitzel, Hailey Murray, and Sarah McKellar. Photo by Jill Meier

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