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Saturday, April 18, 2015
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BV Challenger legals: 2/22

February 21. 2012 2:51PM
THE MINNEHAHA COUNTY COMMISSION CONVENED AT 9:00 A.M., February 14, 2012 pursuant to adjournment on February 7, 2012. Commissioners present were: Barth, Pekas, Kelly, Heiberger, and Beninga. Also present were Cindy Jepsen, Commission Recorder, and Gordy Swanson, Chief Civil Deputy State's Attorney.
Chairman Kelly called the meeting to order.
MOTION by Heiberger, seconded by Barth to approve the agenda. 5 ayes.
MOTION by Beninga, seconded by Pekas to approve the February 7, 2012 minutes. 5 ayes.
MOTION by Barth, seconded by Heiberger to approve the following bills totaling $429,143.02. 5 ayes.
A & B Business Equip, Em Mgmt, 1,017.12; A To Z World Languag, Public Def, 75.00; A-Ox Welding Supp Co, Var. Depts, 661.58; Allied Oil & Tire Co, Hwy Constr, 28.50; American Ink Llc, Hwy Constr, 24.00; Anderson Publication, Commission, 1,023.43; Arena Motel, Var. Depts, 2,833.28; Argus Leader, Var. Depts, 2,125.46; Automatic Building C, Safe Home, 220.00; Automatic Security C, Pettigrew, 935.00; Avera Health Plans, Expenses, 1,578.26; Avera McKennan Hosp, Mental Ill, 147.22; Avera McKennan Hospi, Mental Ill, 11,599.02; Avera Vascular & Tra, Mental Ill, 177.72; Axtell Apts Ltd Ptnr, Human Svcs, 500.00; B&F Fastener Supply, Hwy Constr, 101.75; Babinski Properties, Human Svcs, 845.00; Baha Investments Llc, ARRA-HPRP, 1,050.00; Baha Townhouses Llc, Human Svcs, 574.00; Bierschbach Equipmen, Hwy Constr, 52.92; Bosch, Ron, Human Svcs, 380.00; Bourne, Anna, Mental Ill, 202.50; Brooks, Michael, Dir Of Eq, 553.82; Brule County Sheriff, St Atty, 10.00; Bureau Of Informatio, Var. Depts, 741.68; Burger King Of SD -, Human Svcs, 450.00; Campbell Supply Co I, JDC, 6.00; Carlson, Lisa, Courts, 24.00; Catco, Hwy Constr, 190.30; Cbcinnovis Inc, Var. Depts, 49.50; CBM Managed Services, Var. Depts, 11,577.18; Center For Family Me, JDC, 150.00; Century Business Pro, Var. Depts, 250.46; Cheney Lake, Llc Dba, Human Svcs, 375.00; Choices Recovery Svc, Courts, 100.00; CM Information Spec/, Public Def, 164.45; Construction Product, Hwy Constr, 176.00; Control Technology, Safe Home, 6,654.20; Cook County IL Sheri, St Atty, 60.00; Correct Care Solutio, Sheriff, 56,500.67; Culligan Water Condi, Human Svcs, 37.00; Dakota Alignment & F, Hwy Constr, 106.00; Dakota Data Shred, Var. Depts, 221.32; Dakota Fluid Power, Hwy Constr, 843.55; Dakota Riggers & Too, Hwy Constr, 396.30; Deboer Law Office Pc, Courts, 451.00; Dept Of Veterans Aff, Public Def, 30.00; Dialnet/Ahrens Telec, JDC, 60.00; Dietrich, Donna K, Mental Ill, 600.80; Douglas County (NE)S, St Atty, 50.00; Dust Tex Service Inc, Mus Maint, 10.53; Ebert's Properties, Human Svcs, 400.00; Ekeren, Marvin R., Mental Ill, 60.00; Electric Constructio, Var. Depts, 779.83; Erpenbach, John E, Var. Depts, 1,200.00; Exide Technologies, Hwy Constr, 142.52; Family Service Inc, Expenses, 715.00; Farnsworth, Michael, Public Def, 1,575.00; Finnegan, Daniel, Hwy Constr, 129.98; First Dakota Nationa, Em Mgmt, 2,573.75; Fluth, Rodney P, Human Svcs, 200.00; G & R Controls Inc, Hwy Admin, 172.25; Ge, Xijin, Human Svcs, 400.00; Genzlinger, Janeen, Courts, 19.00; George Boom Funeral, Human Svcs, 2,575.00; Gibson, Allen R, Human Svcs, 300.00; Golden West, Sheriff, 120.06; Grainger, Inc., Jail, 54.51; Guzman, Sandra V., Var. Depts, 291.67; Hawkins, George J, Courts, 1,476.00; Hoekstra, Denise A., Courts, 729.60; Howalt-McDowell Insu, Var. Depts, 152,974.00; Hurtgen, Timothy T/P, Human Svcs, 400.00; Hy-Vee Accounts Rece, Courts, 137.94; Ibe, Inc., Reg Deeds, 264.00; Interstate Office Pr, Var. Depts, 464.38; Intoximeters, Inc., 24/7 Prog, 766.50; Jcl Solutions-Janito, Var. Depts, 4,735.96; Jim & Ron's Service, Sheriff, 55.00; Kahler, Monte, Human Svcs, 400.00; Kennedy, Renee S, Courts, 433.80; Kmart Pharmacy #7306, Human Svcs, 58.49; Lcm Pathologists Pc, Coroner, 28.00; Marco, Reg Deeds, 53.33; Master Blaster Inc, Hwy Constr, 70.00; Matheson Tri-Gas Inc, Hwy Constr, 18.13; MCFVC-Minn Cnty Fami, Sheriff, 10.00; Menards - West, Hwy Constr, 39.96; Meridian Grain Llc, Hwy Constr, 4,476.91; Metro Communications, Metro Comm, 27,083.00; Microfilm Imaging Sy, Reg Deeds, 75.00; MidAmerican Energy C, Facilities, 2,964.31; Midcontinent Communi, Mus Ops, 55.00; Miedema, Phil, Human Svcs, 600.00; Miller Funeral Home, Human Svcs, 6,940.80; Myers & Billion Llp, Mental Ill, 306.00; NE Dept Of Motor Veh, St Atty, 3.00; Nguyen, Lam, Var. Depts, 75.00; Norberg Paints Inc, Mus Maint, 76.22; Novak Sanitary Servi, Var. Depts, 2,102.95; Oriental Trading Com, Mus Entpr, 26.89; Osborn, Roxane R, Courts, 404.00; P & G Townhomes Llc, Human Svcs, 500.00; Parkview, Llc, Human Svcs, 400.00; Peska Properties Inc, Human Svcs, 450.00; Pharmchem Inc, 24/7 Prog, 168.00; Pheasantland Industr, Jail, 1,458.92; Price, Richard, Human Svcs, 137.50; Qualified Presort Se, Var. Depts, 3,451.41; Record Keepers, Inc., Var. Depts, 3,167.37; Redwood Biotech, 24/7 Prog, 930.00; Restored To New Life, Courts, 75.00; Risty, Julie, Reg Deeds, 165.76; Rods Properties Llc, Human Svcs, 500.00; Rural Metro Ambulanc, Coroner, 450.00; Safe Home Ltd Ptnrsh, Safe Home, 12,872.91; Sanford Hospital, St Atty, 541.00; Sanford Hospital - R, Human Svcs, 450.00; Sanford Laboratories, Coroner, 4,765.05; Satisfaction Plus In, EFSP Fund, 278.00; SD Dept Of Public Sa, Human Svcs, 20.00; SD Dept Of Revenue, Mus Store, 45.98; SD Law Review, St Atty, 33.02; SD Planners Associat, Planning, 130.00; SD Soc Of Prof Land, Reg Deeds, 40.00; SD State Historical, Mus Store, 276.52; SD State Treasurer, Var. Depts, 328.53; SDEMTA Dist II, Em Mgmt, 60.00; SDSM&T-Concrete Conf, Hwy Admin, 125.00; Sioux Equipment Co I, Hwy Constr, 23.95; Sioux Falls Chamber, Auditor, 40.00; Sioux Falls City Fin, Var. Depts, 808.85; Sioux Falls Housing, Human Svcs, 400.00; Sioux Falls Two Way, Var. Depts, 43,922.99; Sioux Falls Utilitie, Human Svcs, 458.55; Solomon, Ghirmay, Courts, 54.17; Songstad, Melinda, Courts, 125.40; Stan Houston Equipme, Em Mgmt, 2,792.00; Stone, Earl A, Human Svcs, 400.00; Storhaug, Adrean, Human Svcs, 400.00; Sunshine Foods, Human Svcs, 108.61; Swanda, Karen, Mental Ill, 60.00; Szameit, Alexandra, Courts, 75.00; Tenth Street, Inc., Hwy Constr, 99.45; Thomas, Michelle, Public Def, 541.70; Thorin, Deyanira T, Courts, 52.50; Tires,Tires,Tires In, Sheriff, 1,898.62; Tri-State Emergency, Em Mgmt, 20.00; Turnkey Corrections, Jail, 498.51; US Bank-Corporate Tr, Bldg Fund, 8,259.00; US Dept Of Justice, Public Adv, 14.60; USD-DHSF (Dental Hyg, Human Svcs, 248.00; Vandenbrink, Jean, Human Svcs, 600.00; Vanroekel, Jennifer, Sheriff, 288.00; Vavra, Jeff Dba Vavr, Human Svcs, 400.00; Volunteers Of Americ, JDC, 2,080.00; Wal-Mart Pharmacy #3, Human Svcs, 313.81; Walgreen Co., Human Svcs, 464.29; Wall Lake Sanitary D, Hwy Admin, 70.00; Waste Management Of, Jail, 601.39; Weber, Jamie Dba, Courts, 746.20; Weerheim, Tom, Courts, 434.60; Westbrooke Apts/Inve, Human Svcs, 400.00; Westergard, Rod, Hwy Admin, 157.21; Wheelchair Express I, Human Svcs, 180.00; Winner Police Depart, Jail, 67.08; Woodlawn Cemetery As, Human Svcs, 400.00; Xcel Energy, Inc., Var. Depts, 1,747.66; Zee Medical Service, Hwy Admin, 66.65
The Siouxland Heritage Museums 2011 Annual Report and the Minnehaha County Regional Juvenile Detention Center Report for January, 2012 were received and placed on file in the Auditor's Office.
Carey Deaver, Human Resources Director, announced the promotion of Kyle Helseth to Director of Equalization. Kyle Helseth stated it was a distinct privilege to serve the Commission and the citizens of South Dakota.
MOTION by Barth, seconded by Pekas, to approve the following personnel changes. 5 ayes.
1. To promote Kyle Helseth from Deputy Director of Equalization (21/11) to Director of Equalization (24/6) for the Equalization Department at $2,875.04/bi-weekly effective 2/15/12.
2. To move Lisa Berens from Juvenile Caseworker (17/15) to Juvenile Placement Coordinator (17/15) for the Juvenile Detention Center at $2,191.12/bi-weekly effective 2/15/12.
3. To promote Michael Mayer from Highway Maintenance Worker (12/13) to Senior Highway Maintenance Worker (14/11) for the Highway Department at $21.397/hour effective 2/15/12.
4. To promote Ryan Baker from Correctional Officer (13/7) to Deputy Sheriff (16/3) for the Jail at $20.405/hour effective 2/18/12.
5. To promote Timothy Gustafson from Correctional Officer (13/1) to Deputy Sheriff (16/1) for the Jail at $19.422/hour effective 2/18/12.
Step Increases Due:
1. Janet Harmelink - Senior Custodian - Facilities - 7/10 to 7/11 - 2/16/12 - $15.143/hour
2. Maggie Garry - HR Generalist - Human Resources - 16/3 to 16/4 - 2/9/12 - $19.869/hour
3. Paavo Rasmussen - Education Assistant - Museum - 12/4 to 12/5 - 2/14/12 - $16.715/ hour
4. Brittani Crawford - Juvenile Correctional Worker - Juvenile Detention Center - 9/2 to 9/3 - 2/10/12 - $13.719/hour
5. Donette Kelley - Correctional Officer - Jail - 13/14 to 13/15 - 12/21/11 - $23.663/hour
MOTION by Pekas, seconded by Heiberger, to approve a 2010 & 2011 Property Tax Abatement for Country View MHC, ID #83250, $491.82, reimbursement for a double assessment. 5 ayes.
MOTION by Pekas, seconded by Beninga, to approve a 2011 Property Tax Abatement for R & D Properties LLC, ID #34273, $6,407.49, for time a structure destroyed by fire was gone. 5 ayes.
MOTION by Barth, seconded by Heiberger, to approve a 2011 Property Tax Abatement for Minnehaha County, ID #'s 79505, 67040, 53734, 62594, 58318, 39640, $2,207.60 representing tax deed properties. 5 ayes.
MOTION by Pekas, seconded by Barth, to approve a 2011 Property Tax Abatement for United States of America, ID #76252, $2,110.04 for property obtained through forfeiture proceeding on Oct. 12, 2011. 5 ayes.
MOTION by Pekas, seconded by Barth, to approve a 2011 Property Tax Abatement for Sioux Falls School District, ID #30938, $821.31 representing tax exempt property obtained in 2011. 5 ayes.
MOTION by Pekas, seconded by Beninga, to approve a 2010 & 2011 Property Tax Abatement for Donna Soldatke, ID #37107, $2,860.06, representing tax exemption under SDCL 10-4-40. 5 ayes.
MOTION by Beninga, seconded by Heiberger, to approve a 2010 & 2011 Property Tax Abatement for Bette Kinsella, ID #12099, $2,860.06, representing tax exemption under SDCL 10-4-40. 5 ayes.
MOTION by Beninga, seconded by Heiberger, to approve 2011 Property Tax Abatements for the City of Sioux Falls, ID #'s 76690, 83922, 83912, 48870, 80384, 72041, 55714, 11761, & 53588, $2,207.90, representing tax deed properties. 5 ayes.
MOTION by Heiberger, seconded by Barth, to approve a 2011 Property Tax Abatement for Patricia Keleher, ID #84863, $431.84 representing owner occupied status. 5 ayes.
MOTION by Heiberger, seconded by Pekas, to approve a 2011 Property Tax Abatement for Adelaide Donaldson, ID #32551, $821.39, representing Elderly Assessment Freeze. 5 ayes.
MOTION by Beninga, seconded by Barth, to approve the following 2011 Property Tax Abatements representing Elderly Assessment Freeze: Shirley Moore, ID #51634, $846.00; George Lamp, ID #52640, $953.98; Gwen Winters, ID #48185, $138.06; Edith Powell McKinnon, ID #44358, $480.42; Guenter Newman, ID #40619, $936.22; Richard Petersen, ID #44950, $564.07; Vivian Bosch, ID #35338, $336.34; Ruth Hanisch, ID #37603, $432.00; Dorothy Valland, ID #42103, $734.79; Gerald Meyer, ID #36576, $48.86; Jack Harris, ID #34572, $944.19; Dorothy Christensen, ID #32801, $322.08; Valerie Sanders, ID #27009, $806.97; Han Schjodt, ID #28894, $168.28; James Madsen, ID #45896, $659.50; Clara Fink, ID #25137, $81.82; Elaine Hicks, ID #37708, $367.95; Eleanor Lorenzen, ID #55607, $151.13; Kimberly Pettibone, ID #12128, $372.81; Jacqueline Fure, ID #51956, $296.52; George Lair, ID #53134, $254.01; Betty Mott, ID #42865, $601.64; Keith Bahr, ID #59199, $690.30. 5 ayes.
MOTION by Barth, seconded by Heiberger, to authorize the Auditor to publish Notice to Bidders for the purchase of one 10' Self-propelled Rubber Track Asphalt Paver. 5 ayes.
Notice was received from East Dakota Water Development District of a meeting at 9:00 a.m., Thursday, February 16, 2012, EDWDD Office, 132B Airport Avenue, Brookings.
Notice was received of Public Meetings for Proposed Rail Yard Relocation at 6 p.m., Monday, February 27, 2012, Orpheum Theater Center, 315 North Phillips Ave., Sioux Falls, SD and at 6:00 p.m., Tuesday, February 28, 2012, Brandon Municipal Golf Course, 2100 East Aspen Blvd., Brandon, SD.
Commissioner Pekas gave a briefing on a request for compromise of lien for DPNO 20102 in the amount of $9,172.26. The lien was discovered by a title company in preparation for the sale of a parcel of land owned by the petitioner and her siblings. The lien is for charges incurred in 1999 by the petitioner's ex-husband. The petitioner and her ex-husband were divorced prior to when the charges were incurred, so the petitioner is requesting her name and the parcel of land associated with the real estate sale be removed from the lien with no payment. MOTION by Pekas, seconded by Beninga, to approve Resolution MC12-05.
WHEREAS, a County Aid Lien in the amount of $9,172.26 purports to exist in favor of Minnehaha County and against DPNO 20102 as Lienee, and
WHEREAS, said lienee has filed an application with the County Auditor stating such facts as provided for by Law,
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that after due consideration of the circumstances the Board of County Commissioners finds it advisable and proper to authorize the Chairman of the County Board and the County Auditor to execute the following:
Release the lien in full against the petitioner and the real property legally described as S1/2 NW1/4, 31-104-49 & W1/2 SW1/4, EX H1, 31-104-49 & E1/2 SW1/4, EX DITCH & H1, 31-104-49, leaving lien balance in full against the petitioner's ex-husband with no payment.
Dated at Sioux Falls, South Dakota, this 14th day of February, 2012.
Dick Kelly
Cynthia Jepsen
Deputy County Auditor
A presentation and progress report on the Minnehaha County/Sioux Falls Mobile Crisis Team Pilot Project was presented by the following speakers; Ann Mack, Project Coordinator for the Mobile Crisis Team , Scott Peters, Co-Chair of the Minnehaha & Lincoln County Board of Mental Illness, Sioux Falls Police Sergeant David Osterquist, Chris Hanzlik, Psychiatric Nurse for the Mobile Crisis Team, Phyllis Arends, Executive Director of NAMI South Dakota, and Janet Kittams-Lalley, Executive Director of the Help Line Center. All speakers reported positive results of the Mobile Crisis Team Pilot Project. Mr. Peters recommended the program be extended, and that $41,995 unspent from the 2011 Crisis Intervention budget, be carried over to supplement the 2012 Crisis Intervention budget. Ken McFarland, Commission Administrative Officer, explained that carryover supplements will be brought before the Commission for consideration in March. MOTION by Pekas, seconded by Barth to extend the Mobile Crisis Team beyond the pilot project phase through 2012. 5 ayes.
Bill Hoskins, Museum Director, gave a briefing on a request from Sanford for permission to construct a temporary gravel road across the Museum property at the SE corner of 54th Street North and Westport Avenue. The City of Sioux Falls will be constructing Benson Road east of Westport and N. Bobhalla Drive this summer. Sanford is constructing their Power and Pentagon facilities this summer as well. The temporary road will allow Sanford access to their construction sites at the same time the city is building their two roads. Mr. Hoskins stated the road would not inhibit the use of county property. MOTION by Barth, seconded by Pekas to approve construction of a temporary road access across Minnehaha County property at the Southeast Corner of Westport Avenue and North 54th St. 5 ayes.
DJ Buthe, Highway Superintendent, gave a briefing on a proposal from Calhoun Communications to install a wireless network terminal at the Minnehaha County Highway Department. The cost of the contract is $20,115 plus shipping and handling costs. In addition, the county would be responsible for a $1,050 FCC licensing fee. Monte Watembach, Information Technology Director, stated this would remove the Highway Department from the connection currently shared with Emergency Management and the Juvenile Detention Center, and would improve performance and connection capabilities for all three departments. MOTION by Beninga, seconded by Heiberger, to authorize the chairman to sign the agreement with Calhoun Communications for a wireless network terminal at the Minnehaha County Highway Department for $20,115.00. 5 ayes.
Robert Wilson, Assistant Commission Administrative Officer and Ken McFarland, Commission Administrative Officer, gave updates on various pending legislation that have a potential impact on county government. Mr. McFarland reported that Minnehaha County has been asked by the state association to express opposition to Senate Bill 95. The bill would shift Wind Energy Tax revenue from counties to townships. MOTION by Barth, seconded by Heiberger to authorize staff to send a letter to the state Senatorial delegation asking they not approve Senate Bill 95.
MOTION by Barth, seconded by Beninga to adjourn until 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday, February 21, 2012. 5 ayes.
Dick Kelly
Cynthia Jepsen
Deputy Auditor
Published once at the total approximate cost of $323.89.
1371576 Feb. 20, 2012

CIV. 12-370
In the Matter of the Petition of
Please be advised that a hearing will be held on the Petition of Kameron Ray Poss for change of name to Kameron Ray Bellmer, filed herewith, at the Minnehaha County Courthouse, 425 N. Dakota Avenue, Sioux Falls, South Dakota on the 19th day of March at 1:30 p.m., the Honorable Stuart L. Tiede presiding.
Dated this 1st day of February, 2012.
/s/ Daniel J. Nichols
Daniel J. Nichols
Attorney for Plaintiff
Nichols & Rabuck, PC
427 N. Minnesota Avenue,
Suite #101
Sioux Falls, South Dakota 57104
(605) 332-6803
Published four times at the total approximate cost of $48.47.
Feb. 15, 22, 29 &
1370853 Mar. 7, 2012

Split Rock Township
Notice is hereby given that pursuant to SDCL 8-3-1, the Annual Meeting of the electors of Split Rock Township in Minnehaha County, South Dakota will be held at the Split Rock Township Volunteer Fire Department Fire Station located at 7201 East Arrowhead Parkway in Split Rock Township, Minnehaha County, South Dakota, beginning at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, the 6th day of March, 2012. The purpose of the Annual Meeting is to elect township officers, to approve the township levy and budget, and for any other matters which may properly come before the Board of Supervisors.
Nominating Petitions were received by the deadline as follows: Marvin Manifold, for one position as Township Supervisor, Pam Kolseth for Township Clerk, and Tina Horner for Township Treasurer.
Dated this 13th day of February, 2012.
/s/ Pam Kolseth
Split Rock Township Clerk,
Minnehaha County, SD
Published twice at the total approximate cost of $31.14.
1370864 Feb. 15 & 22, 2012

The citizens of the Township of Valley Springs in the County of Minnehaha, South Dakota, and who are qualified to vote at general elections, are hereby notified that the Annual Township Meeting for said Township will be held at the Valley Springs Fire Station in said Township, on Tuesday, the 6th day of March next, between the hours of 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm of the said day, for the following purposes:
To elect One Supervisor; One Township Clerk; One Township Treasurer; One Constable; and do any other business proper to be done at said meeting when convened.
Given under my hand this 15th day of February, 2012.
/s/ Glenn H. Scott
Township Clerk
Published twice at the total approximate cost of $26.44.
1371571 Feb. 22 & 29, 2012

The Board of Commissioners for the City of Valley Springs, South Dakota met in Regular Session on Tuesday, February 14th, 2012, at 6:45 pm at City Hall, 401 Broadway Ave. Present: Commissioners Dean Helgeson, Brian Staeffler and Mayor Scadden. Absent: Commissioner Doug Hansen and Carl Moss. Others present: Ryan Nussbaum, Sandy Severtson.
A motion was made by Staeffler, seconded by Helgeson to approve the agenda as stated. All voted yes. Motion carried.
A motion was made by Helgeson, seconded by Staeffler to approve the January minutes. All voted yes. Motion carried.
A motion was made by Staeffler, seconded by Helgeson to approve the claims and payroll as presented. All voted yes. Motion carried.
BILLS PAID THRU February 14th, 2012
Alliance Communications, Monthly Phone Service/Various Depts, 152.72; Argus Leader, Publish Legals/Legislative, Water Fund, 101.04; Banyon Data Systems, Inc., Software Support/ Finance, Water/Sewer Fund 869.00; Brandon Ace Hardware, Supplies/ General Gov't Bldg, 21.73; Brandon Valley School District, Fuel/Street Dept, 109.80; Brown & Saenger, Supplies/Election, General Gov't Bldg, 172.06; Campbells Supply, Supplies/Street Dept, 17.49; City of Brandon, Professional Services/Water & Sewer Fund, 50.00; Delta Dental, Insurance/ Finance, Street Dept, 129.20; DENR, Future Use Permit Fee/Water Fund, 75.00; DENR, Certifications/ Water, Sewer Fund, 12.00; Don Finstad, CPA, 2009 Annual Report/Water Fund, 3,210.00; Elan Financial, Supplies, Support/ Finance, Water & Sewer Fund, 516.29; First National Bank, Supplies/Finance Dept, 46.94; First National Bank, Payroll Taxes/ Various, Depts, 1,646.02; Hach, Supplies/Water Fund, 45.30; Hawkins, Purification/Water Fund, 1,907.98; IOS Office Solutions, Printer Monthly Lease/Finance Dept , 47.50; J.P. Cooke Co., 2012 Pet Tags/Health & Welfare Dept, 48.09; Kadinger, Jill, Partial Water Deposit Refund/Water Fund, 28.75; Manley Tire & Oil, Tire Repair/ Street Dept, 10.00; Marv's Sanitary, Inc, Monthly Service/Sanitation Dept, 56.00; Maximum Promotions, Flag/General Gov't Building Dept, 38.00; MidAmerican Energy, Natural Gas/General Gov't Bldg Dept 472.81; Minnehaha County Auditor, Quarterly Police Services/Public Safety Dept 8,408.40; One Call - SD, Quarter Locates/Water Fund, 17.76; SD Dept of Labor - Unemployment, Quarterly Unemployment/Sewer Fund, 52.50; SD Dept of Revenue - Public Health, Water Tests/Water Fund, 38.00; SD Retirement System, Employer Contribution/Finance, Street Dept, 927.36; Schuneman Equipment Co, Supplies/Street Dept, 114.93; SE Area Finance Officers Group, 2012 Dues/Finance Dept, 45.00; Sioux Falls Humane Society, December Service/Health & Welfare Dept 127.91; Sioux Valley Electric, Monthly Electric Service/ Various Depts, 2,773.91; Sturdevant's Auto Parts, Equipment Maintenance/Street Dept, 137.35; Titan, Cutting Edges/Street Dept, 264.60; VS Farmer's Coop, Fuel/Street Dept, 399.76; Verizon Wireless, Monthly Cellular Service/ Street Dept, 53.78; Wellmark/Blue Cross, Monthly Health Insurance/ Finance, Street Dept 1,209.56; Jay Lunstra, Net Wages/Street Dept, 1,093.70; Sandra Namanny, Net Wages/Finance Dept, 87.90; Ryan Nussbaum, Net Wages/Street Dept 4,047.06; Sandy Severtson, Net Wages/Finance Dept, 3,417.31; Lavon Schmitt, Net Wages/Finance Dept, 31.89
A motion was made by Staeffler, seconded by Helgeson to set March 19th and March 20th (Alternate date) as dates for the Local Board of Equalization meeting at the Valley Springs City Hall, 401 Broadway Ave. starting at 6:45 pm. All voted yes. Motion carried. All requests to appeal your Assessment must be received in writing by 5 pm on March 15th, 2012 at the Valley Springs Finance Office, 401 Broadway Ave. All voted yes. Motion carried.
A motion was made by Helgeson, seconded by Staeffler to approve the 2012 Commercial Garbage Hauler's License for Bolte's Sunrise Sanitary Service, Marv's Sanitary Service, Inc and Waste Management of Sioux Falls, Inc. All voted yes. Motion carried.
Finance Officer Severtson presented the 2009 Annual Report. A motion was made by Staeffler, seconded by Helgeson to approve the 2009 Annual Report. All voted yes. Motion carried. The Annual Report will be forwarded to the SD Department of Legislative Audit.
A motion was made by Staeffler, seconded by Helgeson to approve the 2012 Computer Maintenance & Service Agreement between GCC Technologies of SD and the City of Valley Springs. All voted yes. Motion carried.
The Valley Springs Elementary School will be celebrating their 90th Anniversary this year. The Anniversary Committee is planning Grandparent's Day this fall in conjunction with the Anniversary. A motion was made by Helgeson, seconded Staeffler to donate $250 toward the event. All voted yes. Motion carried.
Ryan presented the Public Works Report. The transmission on the International Truck needs Repair and the check valve on the West Well needs to be replaced.
A motion was made by Staeffler, seconded by Helgeson to adjourn. All voted yes. Motion carried.
Neal Scadden
Sandy Severtson
Municipal Finance Officer
Published once at the total approximate cost of $58.56.
1371575 Feb. 22, 2012

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