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Thursday, December 25, 2014
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BV Challenger legals: 9/5

September 05. 2012 11:51AM
The regular meeting of the Brandon Valley Board of Education, Brandon, SD was held at 6:30 p.m. on the 27th of August, 2012 at the Brandon Valley High School Community Room with the following members present: Jay Rasmussen, Renee Ullom, Gregg Ode, Sue Hegland, and Sandy Klatt. Absent: none. Also present were Superintendent David Pappone, Business Manager Paul Lundberg, Middle School Principal Dan Pansch, Brandon Elementary Principal Merle Horst, Valley Springs Elementary Principal Kristi Nelson, Fred Assam Elementary Principal Susan Foster, Director of Instruction Marge Hauser, and Operations Manager Todd Williams.
Jay Rasmussen called the regular meeting to order and opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.
Motion by Ullom, seconded by Ode, to approve the agenda as presented. Motion carried.
Administrative Reports were presented. Operations Manager Todd Williams reported on the progress of the 2012-13 Capital Projects. Williams reported that there were a total of 41 projects and 9 of those projects are incomplete at this time. Those 9 projects will be completed throughout the year.
High School Principal Gregg Talcott reported that the High School will be hosting Challenge Days on Tuesday, September 4th, and Thursday, September 6th. The Sioux Empire United way is providing the funding for these Challenge Days, which is a program that came out of California, and centers around bullying prevention. Juniors and seniors (maximum students of 100) and 25 adults (teachers, staff members, and parents) will be at the High School from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., to participate during these Challenge Days.
Talcott also reviewed the Brandon Valley High School achievement results, including ACT scores and advanced placement test results. He also updated the Board on the Rising Scholars program (the new college credit courses offered at the High School through Northern State University), and a Career and Technical Academy update. All 30 slots the School District has purchased at the Academy are being utilized by BV students.
Superintendent David Pappone discussed the Associated School Boards of South Dakota (ASBSD) Strategic Planning Training availability dates. Pappone will be emailing board members on September dates that are available for a three-hour training. Pappone asked that the Board members respond via email regarding their availability so that this training can be scheduled in the near future.
At the last regular board meeting, a question was raised on how many years an ELL/ESL student, on average, could be in that program before testing proficient in English. After some research, which Pappone provided to the Board members, he learned that an 8-11 year old student can take 5-7 years to test at grade level, depending on how much formal schooling the student may have had in their native language. He also learned that some students never test to their grade level. Pappone found that there are many variables in any such formula, and there is no real average.
Lastly, Pappone reviewed some District-wide achievement data.
Middle School Principal Dan Pansch thanked the Board for the support of theie right turn lane that was just constructed at the intersection into the school. Early reports show that this has eased the traffic congestion.
A recommendation for a contract change order (#4) for parking lot improvements was presented to the board. This change order is to approve the work that was completed at the Middle School for the additional turn lane at the entrance. The net increase of the change is $44,426.25. Motion by Klatt, seconded by Hegland, to approve the contract change order #4 for parking lot improvements as presented. On a roll call vote, the following voted aye: Klatt, Hegland, Ode, Ullom; nay: none; abstained: Rasmussen. Motion carried.
Motion by Ullom, seconded by Klatt to approve the following general business items:
1. Approve the following open enrollment applications: 13-135, 13-144, 13-145, 13-146, 13-147, 13-148, 13-149, 13-150, and 13-151.
2. Approve recommendation for application for an out-of-state music contest/festival travel to non-border states (Gator Bowl / Jacksonville, Florida - December 31, 2012 to January 1, 2013.)
3. Approve official application for a grant for an IPAD and applications submitted by Terri Jensen, Autism Consultant as presented.
4. Approve Open Enrollment - Transfer of Athletic Eligibility.
5. Approve recommendation to award fuel bid to Midway Services for a margin of $0.02 on all fuels.
6. Approve Combined Application to the State of South Dakota Department of Education Child and Adult Nutrition Services for participation in Special Nutrition and Food Distribution Programs as presented.
Motion carried.
Motion by Hegland, seconded by Klatt to approve the following personnel items:
1. Approve recommendation to add full-time educational assistant for ELL/ESL program.
2. Approve recommendation to hire Elizabeth Lubbers, BVHS long-term substitute, $85/day for first 15 days, $95/day thereafter, effective August 20, 2012.
3. Approve resignation / retirement from William Dickey, Transportation, effective immediately.
4. Approve recommendation to hire Gary Hektner, FAE Custodian, $11.75/hour, plus $.50/hour night differential pay, effective September 4, 2012.
5. Approve recommendation to hire Dirk Johnson, Transportation full-time Bus Driver, effective August 20, 2012.
6. Approve the following substitutes for the 2012-13 school year:
Karlyn Beenblossom, Cheryl Carlson, Jana Carlson, Richard Coots, Rachel Erpelding, Sheila Finch, Bonnie Fjerestad, Robert Forster, Nicholas Gannon, Angela Gingles, Kristine Goeden, Jacque Terveer-Gonseth, Barbara Hansen, Robin Hansen, LaDell Hanson, Jed Huisman, Kimberly Kelly, Holly King, Jody Lambert, Penny Malsom, Jolene Murren, Laura Peschong, Timothy Pulkrabek, Lisa Reinschmidt, John Rothenberger, Sheila Samsel, Melissa Spainhower, Martha Quimby, Diane Schroeder, Anita Shearer, Jessica Simmons, Gwen Smith, Marcie Stoltenberg, Jennifer Swenson, Nancy Winker, Karel Amend, Kaye Coburn, Kara McFadden, Nancy Rubin, Courtney Boom, and Ron Shomion.
7. Approve recommendation to hire Nancy Gonseth, FAE ELL/ESL full-time educational assistant, $11.25/hour, effective 8/29/2013.
Motion carried.
The following personnel item was reviewed by the Board of Education for information only:
1. Request for maternity leave for Tanya Palmer, BE/VSE Reading Specialist, on or about October 19, 2012, with an anticipated return on or about January 2, 2012.
Communication received by the Board of Education was reviewed. They included the following item:
1. Thank you from Dean Pierson for the plant sent in memory of the passing of his father, Bill Pierson.
Travel Reports were reviewed.
Motion by Ode, seconded by Ullom to adjourn the meeting at 7:05 p.m. Motion carried.
Signed _________________
Business Manager
Approved by the Board of Education this 10th day of September, 2012.
Signed _________________
Published once at the total approximate cost of $76.17.
1392301 Sept. 5, 2012

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a public hearing will be held at the Brandon Council Chambers at 6:00 p.m. at 308 Main Avenue on September 17, 2012 at which time the City Council will hear and consider a petition that has been filed to vacate a pedestrian easement on the entire Lot 16A, Block 1, Tallgrass Village to the City of Brandon, Minnehaha County, South Dakota.
NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that any person or their attorney may be present and be heard.
Dated this 16th day of August, 2012.
Bryan H. Read
City Administrator
Published twice at the total aproximate cost of $25.27.
1391834 Aug. 29 & Sept. 5, 2012

Auction of scrap piles will begin at 9 a.m., Saturday, September 15, 2012, at the Water Purification Plant, 2100 N. Minnesota Ave, and then move to additional sites in the order listed below. The auction of general surplus property, including computers and police unclaimed and confiscated property will also be auctioned beginning at 9 a.m. at the Street Maintenance facility, 1000 E. Chambers St., with vehicles to sell at approximately 12 noon.
Scrap, 2000 N. Minnesota Ave.
General Auction, 1000 E. Chambers St.
Auction items may consist of tractors, trucks, vans, cars, mowers, heavy equipment, office equipment and furniture, public safety equipment and supplies, water equipment and supplies, stereos, speakers, CDs, tools, jewelry, and many other items.
All items are subject to sales tax. Items will be available for inspection one hour prior to the auction. If interested in a specific item, please contact T. Brick Auctions on Friday, September 14, to ensure the item is still on the auction. All items are sold as is, where is, and must be removed from the auction sites on the day of the auction unless other arrangements are made with management. The entire scrap pile must be removed. No secondary sales will be allowed on the premises.
Bank letter or proof of funds required for substantial purchases.
Additional information may be obtained by contacting T. Brick Auction at 605-310-3245 or 605 366-1799, Dawn in the City Finance Office at 605-367-8864, or the City's web page at
Paul J. Lundberg,
Business Manager
Brandon Valley School District 49-2
Published twice at the total approximate cost of $52.26.
1390371 Aug. 29 & Sept. 5, 2012

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