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Saturday, April 18, 2015
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City to research long-term water needs
By By Alica P. Thiele
Challenger reporter

November 28. 2012 8:59AM
Brandon will spend $23,000 in the next few months to help figure out the best way to provide clean water to residents as the city grows.

Stockwell Engineers got the bid to do the study after the City Council rejected a lower bid by Short Elliot Henrickson.

The SEH bid, however, could cost more down the road as the company recommended bringing in a portable water treatment facility to test various treatments.
Before voting, Councilman Bob Bruning said he would recommend the lower bid of $20,000 from SEH. Then he asked Stockwell representatives if the water tests they would do in conjunction with South Dakota State University labs would give the same information as a portable treatment facility. Stockwell owner Jon Brown said yes, and so Bruning and council members Blaine Jones, Mindy Hansen and Roger Brooks voted to approve the Stockwell bid. Councilwoman Jo Hausman was absent, and Councilwoman Barb Fish voted no.

“I still am not sure we were comparing apples to apples,” she said. “SEH has a long history of doing this sort of work. Their price was lower. And, I think it is good to bring in outside eyes once in a while.”
The study will check the city’s existing wells and water quality, as well as identify possible new well site and water sources.

Brandon has a good source of water, City Administrator Bryan Read said, as it sits atop an aquifer.

“All the historical studies we have indicate the aquifer the city is using now is plentiful,” he said.

The study should be done by spring, Read said.

The City of Brandon will spend $23,000 on a water study to determine the best way to provide clean water to residents as the city grows. The Council awarded the bid to Stockwell Engineers. Challenger file photo

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