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Tuesday, October 21, 2014
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Cheer on the Lynx boys at the state tournament

March 13. 2013 2:13PM
Congratulations to the Brandon Valley boys basketball team for decisively earning their spot in the State AA Tournament. The tournament begins this Thursday at the Sioux Falls Arena and the Lynx will play the 1:45 game that day. Brandon Valley came in as the fifth seed and will face Huron in the first round. The Lynx are 16-6 and have beaten some of the seeds above them in the tournament during the regular season.

The Lynx split with Huron during the season losing 48-51 in January and winning 50-40 in February.

We are looking forward to our usual overwhelming fan support, which can really make a difference for the boys on the floor. When they hear and feel the positive energy coming from those in the stands it gives them the little extra will to work harder even when they are tired. Our hope is that we will display the kind of support and sportsmanship that we expect from everyone who represents Brandon Valley.

The high school will be dismissing classes at 12:28 on Thursday to give our students time to get to the game. Other buildings will have a regular day of school. However, parents are welcome to make arrangements for their children in elementary or middle school to attend the game.

Letís support our Lynx throughout the tournament. Go Lynx!

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