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Monday, March 30, 2015
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Hats off to those who represent BV so well

March 25. 2013 2:54PM
The Brandon Valley Lynx boys basketball team had an extraordinary tournament run that ended with the fifth-seeded Lynx with a second place finish in the AA State Basketball championship game. After easily taking care of the Huron Tigers in the first round, the game of the year took place on Friday night when the Lynx took on Sioux Falls Roosevelt. The Riders came into that game unbeaten by any team in South Dakota, having just one loss to Marshall, Minn., during a great season. That mattered not to the Brandon Valley squad who came in with a tenacious defense and an unstoppable desire. David slew Goliath on Friday!

Saturday night was the night for an all-ESD match-up between Brandon Valley and Pierre for the championship. It was another fantastic game. The Lynx stayed in the game to the bitter end after battling to a 25-25 tie at half time. In the end, the free throws that inevitably come at the end of a great game went the way of Pierre. Still, Brandon Valley can be extremely proud of the team, coaches and fans.

I cannot count the number of times officials and others in the area came to me and remarked about what a class act our players and fans displayed throughout the tournament. It was great to see our team wearing Pierre green during warm-ups of the championship game to honor a Pierre player who is struggling with cancer. Our students filled the Arena with positive energy and their behavior is the envy of the state. The tournament was such a positive experience. Thanks to all those who represented Brandon Valley so well throughout the weekend and congratulations to the players and coaches for a great season!

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