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Sunday, April 19, 2015
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Girl Talk
Winners in so many ways
By By Jill Meier
Challenger editor

March 25. 2013 2:55PM
Second place is never fun. They say, in fact, it’s the first loser.

Although the Lynx boys may not have brought home the first-place hardware from last weekend’s Class AA State Tournament, Brandon Valley players, coaches, supporting cast and fans displayed once again while the Lynx family is winners in so many ways.

Take for instance Saturday night’s warm-up to the big game. The Lynx came out on the court sporting their Pierre-green “Conrad Clan” t-shirts in support of the Governor player – Conrad Adam – who was sidelined by cancer last year.

And the ESD Conference camaraderie didn’t stop there. Who wasn’t impressed by the timely chants of “Conrad Adam” or “ESD” shared by the Lynx and Governor student fans? That’s pure sportsmanship at its finest when two opposing crowds can come together as one in the biggest game of the season – the state championship.

Lynx senior Chase Marso, who was chosen as this year’s Class AA “Spirit of Su” award winner, admits it was tough to swallow the loss. But he summed it up this way: “It was just a great tournament experience. Maybe it just wasn’t meant to be. Maybe Pierre just had it in the cards … I’m happy for them.”

Senior counterpart Adam Bauer coined the loss as “bittersweet” following Sunday’s welcome home celebration. “I’m sad that it’s over but glad that it happened,” he said.

He adds: “It was fun to have an all-ESD final. When both crowds started chanting ‘ESD’ that’s when it kind of sank in – yes, there’s no Sioux Falls schools here!”

And for Nate Winter, garnering two runner-up trophies in his senior year – football and now basketball – finishing second ranks high on his list of achievements.

“This is huge for us – runners-up in two sports – you don’t see that a ton,” he said.
“Obviously we would have liked to get the win but it’s something we’re going to remember forever just being the runner-up, just to play in a state championship game because there’s a lot of good players that go down in history without ever playing in a state championship game, so that’s something special – winning or losing – that’s huge for us.”

Perhaps Superintendent Dave Pappone summed it up best at Sunday’s celebration.

“We keep score of a game on a scoreboard but we keep the score of life on another board … and all I see here is winners. … That’s the Brandon Valley way – it’s a design of winners.”

No, second place is never fun. But at Brandon Valley, no matter what the scoreboard’s tally is, we’re winners in so many ways.
Community organization needs
This week’s needs at the Brandon Area Food Pantry are boxed potatoes, pasta and rice mixes, bagged (dried) beans, Homestyle Bakes, hot cocoa mix and napkins. The BAFP continues to have an ample supply of canned vegetables. Before donating, please check the expiration date, as expired food items cannot be distributed. Monetary donations are always appreciated.

The BAFP is located at 406 Main Ave., and is open from 4 to 6 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays. To donate to the food pantry or for more information, call 582-7001.

The Brandon Lions Club also wants your aluminum cans. Proceeds from the sale of aluminum funds requests to the Club for vision and hearing impairment needs.

The Lions Club collection shed is located in the Sunshine Foods parking lot.

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