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Thursday, March 05, 2015
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BVSD is blessed by strong, supportive community

April 02. 2013 9:36AM
I recently had lunch with Bill Baker and Chuck Parsons from The First National Bank in Sioux Falls. During the meeting, Bill Baker reached into his pocket and pulled out a check for over $1,100 and handed it to me saying, “This is the first installment from our customers who use the Brandon Valley debit card program. Each time a customer conducts a signed debit card purchase we credit a portion to be donated back to the Brandon Valley School District. There will be more to come.”

This type of corporate support is such a valuable asset to the school district and this instance is just one of many. I hesitate to try to name all those businesses that support Brandon Valley in so many ways for fear of forgetting someone. I use this recent example only to remind our community how important it is to support our local businesses that in turn support our students.

The Brandon Valley School District is blessed by a strong, supportive community. The understanding that mutual support for others’ endeavors is the symbiotic glue that builds strong communities is one of the things that makes Brandon Valley such a great place to live and work. Thanks to all our business partners that share some of their success to support our unceasing efforts to create learning environments that result in success for our students.

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