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Saturday, April 18, 2015
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Hoover's Martial Arts takes Victory tourney by storm
By From staff reports

April 02. 2013 10:08AM
Hoover’s Martial Arts in Brandon, represented by 54 competitors, brought home a staggering 89 wins from the March 16 Victory Tournament in Sioux Falls.

A total of 195 area competitors ages 4 to 17 and White Belts through 3rd Degree Black Belts, vied for places in traditional forms, sparring, traditional weapons and combat sparring categories.

Victory Tournament results
Tiny Tiger Winners: Elliot Visscher, Quin Biever, Riley Cero

Color Belt Winners: Kaden Podzimek, Colin Simon, Nick Meyer, Morgan Westendorf, Colton Padgett, Brayden Cline, Jon Huebner.

Forms: 1st place: Lucas Schreck, Connor Erickson, Treyson Boesch, Samuel Biren, Andrew Erkonen, Ross Oren, Matsen Menage, Brandon Wheeler, Ella Roths, Matt Erkonen, Jack Bommersbach, Bri King, Kendra Kuehn, Max Outland, Justus Adams, Alex Halligan; 2nd place: Zach Hofer, Ella Kjenstad, Luci Bommersbach, Nathanael Mikeworth, Caden Houge, Colby Meyer, Damen Visscher, Colby Jones, Noah Bertsch, Mason Hofer, Dawson Skorczewski, Adam Smook, Will Bommersbach, Kenyan Mikeworth; 3rd place: Logan Stough, Lea Biren, Micah Nelson, Noah Thompson, Joel Quanbeck.

Sparring: 1st place: Treyson Boesch, Adriauna Alexander, Jeremy Sommer, Damen Visscher, Matsen Menage, Brandon Wheeler, Matt Erkonen, Jack Bommersbach, Kendra Kuehn, Justus Adams; 2nd place: Connor Erickson, Luci Bommersbach, Noah Bertsch, Max Faber, Kenyan Mikeworth, Max Outland, Alex Halligan; 3rd place: Zach Hofer, Andrew Erkonen, Taylor Warner, Ross Oren, Bailey Schipper, Lucas Bertsch, Hayden Struble, Will Bommersbach, Bri King, Joel Quanbeck, Mackenzie Lien.

Traditional Weapons: 1st place: Ross Oren, Nathan Tveidt, Mason Hofer, Matt Erkonen, Will Bommersbach, Jack Bommersbach, Bri King, Kendra Kuehn, Joel Quanbeck; 2nd place: Dawson Skorczewski, Kenyan Mikeworth, Jack Ray.

Combat Sparring: 1st place: Jack Bommersbach, Bri King, Justus Adams; 2nd place: Will Bommersbach, Kendra Kuehn.

New 1st Degree Black Belts
Tuesday March 12, culminated the final testing for three students at Hoover’s Martial Arts in Brandon to attain the level of 1st Degree Black Belt. The three students have all completed a minimum of two years of color belt training that includes, traditional forms, sparring and board breaks. These students have trained with traditional weapons as well. There are a total of nine Black Belt levels in the American Taekwondo Association. These students can now begin training towards their 2nd Degree Black Belt.

The new 1st Degree Black Belts are Riley White, Bri King and Dylan Blom.
Green travels to Nepal for 4th Operation Smile mission

When not instructing at Hoover’s Martial Arts, you may locate instructor Rob Green in various parts of the world, traveling with Operation Smile on various humanitarian missions. Green works medical records and is also a writer for the organization.
Bringing a human interest story to life, one of his 2012 stories was nominated for most inspirational story for 2012.

Green has completed missions in Guatemala, Mexico, Philippines and his current mission, Nepal. Most Operation Smile missions concentrate on cleft palate surgeries.
This mission to Nepal is a mission for burns and hands. Nepal is an extremely poor country and Green shares his experiences with his students in hopes that the students can develop a caring awareness of the needs of others. You can read more of his travels on his blog, “What’s happening link” to find his travel blogs or on Hoover’s Martial Arts Brandon facebook page.

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