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Friday, December 26, 2014
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Parent’s Matter campaign: ‘Take a Stand, Have the Talk’
By From staff reports

April 03. 2013 9:13AM
In April, the Parents Matter campaign will help over 160 South Dakota school districts reach out to parents to help them talk to their children about underage drinking and driving. They will be asking the parents to “Take a Stand” against underage drinking and “Have the Talk” with their teens. Since 2006, 61 South Dakota teens have died and 730 have been injured in alcohol-related motor vehicle crashes

This year the campaign video, brochures and talking points will provide suggestions and solutions for parents who are struggling with “The Talk.” Parents will be encouraged by other South Dakota parents to take a stand and talk to their kids about the dangers of underage drinking and driving.

“Research indicates that parents with permissive attitudes toward adolescent drinking, particularly when combined with poor communication, can lead their teens into very unhealthy habits with alcohol,” says Darcy Jensen, Parents Matter campaign coordinator. “It’s more important than ever for parents to talk to their teens now about drinking and driving to stop these preventable tragic deaths and injuries.”

“Thanks to a grant from the South Dakota Department of Public Safety, Prairie View Prevention Services has partnered with school administrators all over the state to distribute the Parents Matter materials to parents,” says Jensen.

South Dakota Highway Safety Director Lee Axdahl says the Parents Matter campaign reaches parents with timely information for young drivers still forming good or bad habits.

“Thousands of new, young drivers are licensed to negotiate South Dakota roadways each year,” says Axdahl. “With that comes the responsibility of their parents to teach the safety obligations we all face each time we get behind the wheel. Parents Matter is an exemplary program that is making a difference in South Dakota.”

For more information on the campaign, and for important help with the “Talk” for parents, visit the official Parents Matter website at

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