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Thursday, December 25, 2014
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BE kids collect $6,000 by jumping rope
By From staff reports

April 05. 2013 8:47AM
More than $70,000 has been collected by Brandon Elementary students over the last 13 years for simply doing something most kids love to do: jump rope.

To date, $70,263.12 has been donated to the American Heart Association through an annual fundraiser, Jump Rope for Heart. This year, students in grades 2-5 collected $6,086.25 for the cause, as reported by BE physical education teacher Jeff Duncanson. It’s the seventh highest total in the 13-year endeavor, with the highest amount collected – $11,376.48 – in 2002.

A BE fifth grader – Sam Lembcke – was this year’s top fundraiser. He gathered $300. Seth Fjerestad was the top fundraiser for the fourth grade, bringing in $250. Coral Gonseth, a second grader, led her class with that same amount, $250, while third grader, Carter Ellsworth, garnered $290 in pledges.

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