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Saturday, March 28, 2015
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MCAP character show to open April 12
By By Alica P. Thiele
Challenger reporter

April 05. 2013 8:51AM
A play about a husband, a wife and her brother may bring knowing smiles to audiences as the Mighty Corson Art Players present “Let Me Hear You Smile” at the Corson Playhouse this month.

The show, about a married couple at different stages of life, will open April 12 for six performances.

Terry Zerfas, who plays Hannah Heywood in “Smile,” said she and director Jim Leyse researched many weeks to find a story that would have depth and relate well to the community.

“It was our luck to find this gem of a play,” she said. “It’s about relationships, marriage, dreams, fear of aging, family dysfunction and yet still manages to be a delightful comedy.”

The 1971 play, by Leonora Thuna and Harry Cauley, was written in three acts, with the characters as children, middle aged, and retirement age. MCAP will present two acts, omitting the scenes where the actors are children.

Leyse said each of the 45-minute acts stands on its own, so the show still is complete at two acts.

Chad Eggen portrays Neil Haywood, and Tom Chleborad portrays Hannah’s brother, Willie Farmer.

Chleborad said the trio is “incredibly prepared” for opening night, as they have been working on the show for many weeks and have presented the retirement act of it already, for preview audiences and for the South Dakota-North Dakota competition of the American Association of Community Theatre. The competition was held in March in Fargo, and Zerfas was awarded an Outstanding Actress award.

She and her castmates all are experienced actors and have performed on many area stages. But while Eggen and Chleborad have performed in Corson before, this is the first MCAP experience for Zerfas. She said she likes the intimate feel of the Corson Playhouse, which seats almost 100.

“Actors walk right down to the edge of the stage during a monologue and are just a couple of feet away from he front row,” she said.

Zerfas said preview audience gave the cast a standing ovation. “The most frequent comment was, ‘That was the fastest 45 minutes I ever spent in a theater,’ ” she said.
WHAT: Mighty Corson Art Players production of “Let Me Hear You Smile”
WHEN: 7:30 p.m. April 12, 13, 19, 20; 2:30 p.m. April 14, 21
WHERE: Corson Playhouse
COST: $10, all seats reserved
RESERVATIONS: 582-2771 or email

Terry Zerfas and Chad Eggen portray a married couple facing their retirement yeas in the Mighty Corson Art Players' 2013 spring show, "Let Me Hear You Smile," which open April 12 at the Corson Playhouse. Submitted photo

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