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Saturday, April 18, 2015
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Snow days to be made up from spring storm

April 23. 2013 11:12AM
Boy, what a week! I know some of our families were without power for several days, many had damage to their houses from falling trees and fire, and anyone with trees has a clean-up job in progress. Where’s global warming when you need it?

I appreciate all the patience everyone displayed as we worked through last week together. It was a grueling storm and for some it will be a long recovery. I am hearing of many cases where neighbor is helping neighbor – a real hallmark of how hardy South Dakotans take care of business.

The Brandon Valley School calendar has two snow make-up days that will be utilized so there will be school on April 26 and April 29, assuming we do not get another ice storm on those days. Since we have now missed a total of five school days this year we will need to add three days to the end of the year taking us to May 24. That bumps us right up against Memorial Day weekend and the State Track Meet. Brandon Valley hosts some of the preliminaries on Friday the 24th. That will be inconvenient to say the least.

The missed days last week were right in the middle of the Dakota STEP annual testing and we all wonder how our students will be affected by the loss of routine. However, principals will be rescheduling the testing over the next week and we know our students will do their best even though some will have the distraction of being displaced from their homes.

We hope warmer weather returns quickly to dry out the track, tennis courts, ball fields and golf courses so our student athletes can get back to practice and competition.
Again, thank you all for your understanding and support throughout this ordeal. We know one thing for sure: warmer weather just has to be around the corner.

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