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Tuesday, March 31, 2015
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Wood and water on city’s agenda
Fallen branches to be picked up; water tower empty
By By Alica P. Thiele
Challenger reporter

April 25. 2013 9:29AM
The city will pick up fallen branches from last week’s ice storm beginning Monday, April 29. Those who want the city to pick up their fallen branches should put them close to the curb by Sunday, April 28, according to City Administrator Bryan Read.

Brandon’s director of public works Rollie Hoeke said people must not put branches on the street or the sidewalk. Be sure to keep access to fire hydrants, mailboxes and driveways open, he said.

The city will take only fallen branches. The city will not take anything that is more than 15 feet from the curb. Areas with sidewalks should put the branches between the curb and the sidewalk, Read said.

The City Council last week authorized city administration to procure Minnehaha County vehicles and to contract for prison inmates to help with the work. Read said 50 inmates will cost the city $3,700 a day.

The city has a drop-off site for fallen branches, just to the east of the hockey rink at McHardy Park. Read said the site has been “fairly well used” but, as of last week, the ground there was very muddy, and more snow was expected. In addition, many people had dropped off items other than fallen branches.

Councilwoman Mindy Hansen said the city will pick up fallen branches in the city parks and at the municipal golf course in addition to residential areas next week.

Water tower
The city’s water tower is empty to get its inside ready to be painted. Maguire Iron is doing the work for the $249,700 project. The company brought in generators and other equipment and put them at the base of the tower last week.

After the inside of the tower is painted, the outside will be painted. The work is scheduled to be done by the end of May.

Hoeke said residents will have access to water during the project, because Brandon residences and business are serviced by pumps directly from the city wells. The water in the tower typically is used only during peak usage periods.
Residents may notice fluctuation in their water pressure during the next few weeks, though, Hoeke said.
Read said the outside of the tower will be painted the same color it is now, and the Brandon logo will be repainted on the tower as well.
In another water issue unrelated to the water tower, the City Council has authorized administration to declare water restrictions whenever usage hits 1.8 million gallons a day for three days in a row.

The city will use an even-odd system, where properties with odd-numbered addresses can water lawns on odd-numbered days, and likewise with even-numbered properties.

Councilman Blaine Jones said he favors administration making the call on water restriction times. “We need to be proactive,” he said, “because I firmly believe that we’re going into another drought summer.”

Read said whenever is water restriction time is declared, the city will notify property owners through the media and the city website.

Brandon should expect to see 60,000 to 70,000 people in the city the weekend of Automania, organizer Bill Nelson told the City Council last week. He said he continues to plan for the June 28-30 event and has lined up Aaron Kaufman and Richard Rawlings from the TV show “Fast N’ Loud” to hold a meet-and-greet that Friday from 5 to 9 p.m.

The band The Safaris, whose biggest hits include “Surfer Joe” and “Wipe Out,” will be one of eight bands to play at Automania. Nelson said he has 100 vendors signed up. The city has authorized a one-day malt beverage license for the Brandon Volunteer Fire Department during the weekend.

This will be the first year the longtime event will be held in Brandon. Previously, it had been held in downtown Sioux Falls, but Nelson said downtown became too congested for the event.

“We anticipate a smooth transition (to Brandon),” he said. “I guarantee you, everybody will know where Brandon is at when we’re done.”

Soccer lights
The council has awarded Thompson Electric Company of Brandon the bid for six field lights McHardy Park soccer complex. Thompson Electric’s bid of $218,451 was the low bid of eight submitted bids.

Read said the city has budgeted $220,000 for the project. Of that, $80,000 is coming from the Brandon Area Soccer Association.

The lights will be the first on the fields, Read said. They will come with a 25-year warranty on the light levels, and can be turned on and off remotely.

Glenwood to be resurfaced
Glenwood Drive took a lot of abuse last year when it was used as a route to Aspen Park during the Aspen Boulevard project, City Engineer Jon Brown said.
“It was in tough shape anyway,” he said.

The two-block length of street will be resurfaced this summer.

Myrl & Roy’s Paving of Brandon was the low bidder at $90,418. There were six bidders.

Read said the project is scheduled to be done by Aug. 2. The street won’t be torn up until Myrl & Roy’s is ready to put the new surface down, Read said, to make sure the road is inaccessible for as short amount of time as possible.

People who live on Glenwood will be able to drive to their homes during the project, though, Read said.

The new surface, with proper maintenance, should last 20 to 30 years, Brown said.

Brandon's water tower is being sandblasted down to the bare metal and repainted in a $249,700 project that is underway.The tower's inside will be painted as well. Challenger file photo

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