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Sunday, October 26, 2014
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Police report: 4/26

April 26. 2013 8:49AM
Thursday, April 25
Traffic hazard at Rice Street and Six Mile Road, removed from roadway.
Public assist in 700 block of East Holly Boulevard, 300 block of South Splitrock Boulevard, and 300 block of South Main Avenue.
Gas skip reported in 1000 block of North Splitrock Boulevard, advised.
Two-vehicle accident in 100 block of North Splitrock Boulevard, $100.
CHINS reported in 300 block of North Tamarac Circle, advised.
Juvenile delinquency reported in 100 block of West Alpine Circle, unable to locate.
Check security in 300 block of North Tamarac Circle, checked OK, advised.

Animal complaints
Raccoon in front yard in 200 block of North Needles Drive.

This week, the Brandon Police issued 20 citations and 14 warnings.

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