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Wednesday, April 01, 2015
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Lacey Rentals, Inc. now operating in Corson Development Park
By By Jill Meier
Challenger editor

May 07. 2013 9:45AM
In April of 2012, Michael Gross stated that he wanted to move his business and young family from Sioux Falls to Brandon.

Fast-forward a year, and Gross, 36, has done just that.

He relocated Lacey Rentals, Inc., to 1812 Walnut Ave. in the Corson Development Park in late February, and this week, will close on a home in Brandon. And two weeks ago, he and his wife, Jessica, became parents of their fourth child.

So with all that activity now behind him Gross is eager to get down to business.

“This year, we’re just going to focus on our core stuff,” he said. “This is our final move. It’s our third port-a-pot company, and where we’ve strived to be – we’ve made it.”

Gross previously owned and operated portable toilet businesses in Watertown.

Gross said he wanted to move his business and family to Brandon for two reasons: to live and work in a smaller community, and to have their children educated in the Brandon Valley School system.

Construction on the 40- by 80-foot metal building, which sits on an acre of land in the Corson Park, began in mid-November. D&M Construction in Valley Springs was the contractor. This facility is larger than their former Sioux Falls location and features an office, full kitchen and bath and shop area that can accommodate up to four Lacey Rentals service trucks.

Presently, the grounds surrounding the building are soft following the recent ice, snow and spring rains. Gross plans to alleviate the problem by bringing in more gravel as the ground dries.

“There’s just mud everywhere right now,” he said.

His plans also call for grass and landscaping on the west side of the building. “In three years, I’ll have this looking good,” he said.

Gross said he wants to make a good impression here, and squelch any negative comments about the portable toilet business. He’s also currently in the process of installing blue-colored slats in the chain link fencing that surrounds hundreds of port-a-pots.

“We wanted to go above and beyond,” he said.

Since relocating to Brandon, Gross has secured a few events that he didn’t previously have the contract for, including the upcoming Automania event. He’s also picked up Dakotafest, the Brandon Fire Department’s spring dance and Harlan’s Bike Tour, which is a new event itself.

And recently, Lacey Rentals, Inc. became certified to do business in Minnesota. Gross said there’s little competition in the southwest area of the state, so he pursued the licensure, which hasn’t been a smooth process.

“I like headaches, I really do,” he said. “And I’m willing to fight through it.”

Earlier this year, he signed on as a member of the Brandon Valley Area Chamber of Commerce. He said it’s one avenue in which he and his business can get involved locally.

“I think the chamber of commerce does a lot of good for the city. They do lots of fundraisers and events and fill a need in the community,” he said. “They’re constantly trying to bring the community together and highlight the businesses.”

Kim Cerwick, executive director of the BVACC, said Lacey Rentals has already been a good addition to the community. “They have donated their services to local associations and the city,” she said, “And will also be the provider for Automania, which is a plus for Brandon.”

Gross helped out the Brandon Valley Hockey Association this season by providing a portable toilet at no cost to them.

“We’re just trying to help out and be involved because we like it out here,” Gross said as he surveyed his surroundings. “We think it’s a great place, and we love Brandon.”
Owners: Michael and Jessica Gross
Address: 1812 Walnut Ave., Brandon
Phone: (605) 330-2747

Michael Gross has relocated Lacey Rentals, Inc., from Sioux Falls to the Corson Development Park. He and his wife, Jessica, and their family, have also purchased a home in Brandon. Photo by Jill Meier

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