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Saturday, December 20, 2014
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Last day of school extended to May 23

May 14. 2013 1:59PM
I would like to begin this week’s column with my apologies to Jeanne Lens for inadvertently leaving her name off my list of retirees last week. Clearly my transcription abilities are flawed. Jeanne has been an elementary teacher with the district for 26 years. That takes the total to 360 years from our retiring professional staff. Also retiring, for the second time from Brandon Valley, are Bill Dickey and Helen Jacobson, who have been working with school transportation since their previous retirements from our custodial staff.

On another note, the school board will be taking action at its May 13 meeting to forgive one of the missed instructional days that would otherwise have taken classes through May 24. While we all value instructional time, this spring has been quite unusual in presenting us with so many missed days so late in the school year.

Complicating matters is that the weekend following the 24th is Memorial Day weekend and many families had made plans to begin the long weekend on Friday. Also, the state track meet preliminaries are scheduled for that day and Brandon Valley is one of the sites for those events.

The board came to consensus on this issue at its April 22 meeting, but could not take official action since it was not on the agenda. The school board will be setting the last day of school for this year as Thursday, May 23 and there will be a one-hour early dismissal that day. We certainly appreciate all the patience, cooperation and support we experienced through the ice storm and the snow the following week. With temps in the 70’s last weekend, we are starting to feel more confident that we will not see snow and ice again this spring.

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