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Friday, March 27, 2015
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Steve's Electric crowned Splitrock Ladies League champs
Kramer, Wassenaar are high average award winners
By Staff reports

May 14. 2013 2:41PM
The Splitrock Ladies Bowling League held their annual banquet at Annie’s Coffeehouse & Wine Cafe in Garretson April 30, with Alliance Communications handling the arrangements.

April 23 was the end of the second half, in which Steve’s Electric were the winners. On April 30, a rolloff took place between the first half winners, Manley Tire, and the second half winners, Steve’s Electric, who defeated Manley Tire. Jeri Kille bowled a 197 and Marcia Bork rolled a 182.

Following the meal, Alliance Communications opened the evening with door prize drawings. Bonnie Kramer then announced the league champions. Members of Steve’s Electric are Cas Bly, Joan Engebretson, Darlene Zweep, Jeri Kille and Janet Tyrrell.

Cheryl Lyngen thanked all who bowled this year, especially the new team that joined this year, Manley Tire, and also to substitute bowlers. Our new team members are Marcia Bork, Pat Paulsen, Jill Reindl and Bev Wassenaar. New member to Alliance Communications was Ellaine Henriksen and new subs Kathy Evenson and Julie Brummels. There were a few more door prizes, then Bonnie Kramer presented awards. Highest average went to Bonnie Kramer for a 160 and Bev Wassenaar for a 156.

This year, we recognized our 70- and 80-year-old bowlers with a small gift. Our 70-year-olds are Elaine Benson, Marlene Blum, Barb Caffrey, DeVona Engebretson, Betty Greinke, Ellaine Henriksen and Pat Paulsen. Our 80-year-olds are Cas Bly, Joan Engebretson, Darlene Hofer and Darlene Zweep.

The achievement award was given to Ellaine Henriksen for a 23-pin improvement in her average, and to Joan Engebretson for an 18-pin improvement over last year.

We also had two perfect attendance awards this year: Darlene Hofer and Bev Wassenaar.

The 125 game award for having an average of 100 or less was presented to Kathy Evenson for bowling a 125, 133 and 130.

The l50 game awards for having an average of 120 or less were presented to Elaine Benson for bowling a 150 and 153, Marlene Blum for a 159, Barb Caffery for a 163 and 151, DeVona Engebretson for a 160, Kathy Evenson for a 151, Betty Greinke for a 157, 169 and 152, Ellaine Henriksen for a 159 and 169, Darlene Hofer for a 151, 158, 155, 165 and 159, Janet Tyrrell for a 152 and 158 and Darlene Zweep for a 150 and 151.

The 175 game awards for having an average of 140 or less were presented to Cas Bly for bowling a 184, Marlene Blum for a 175, Kathie Franz for a 176, 190, 175 and 192, Ellaine Henriksen for a 180, Darlene Hofer for a 181, Jeri Kille for a 195, 181 and 184, Teresa Kramer for a 177, 188 and 189 and Pat Paulsen for a 177, 181 and 190.

The 200 game awards for having an average of 165 or less were presented to Cas Bly for bowling a 211, Jeri Kille for a 204, Bonnie Kramer for a 214, 200, 203 and 202, Teresa Kramer for a 201, Cheryl Lyngen for a 200 and Bev Wassenaar for a 215, which was highest game this year.

The 400 series awards for having an average of 120 or less were presented to Elaine Benson for bowling a 404, 425 and 401, Marlene Blum for a 413 and 464, Barb Caffrey for a 403, Kathy Evenson for a 424, Betty Greinke for a 438, Ellaine Kenriksen for a 401, 406 and 402, Darlene Hofer for a 424, 432, 434, 405 and 406 and Janet Tyrrell for a 406 and 402

The 500 series awards for having an average of 145 or less were presented to Kathie Franz for bowling a 504, Jeri Kille for a 501 and 509 and Cheryl Lyngen for a 503 and 504.

A 75 pins-over-average game lapel pin was awarded to Cas Bly for bowling an errorless 211, which was 84 pins over her average.

A few special awards were presented during the evening. Jeri Kille and Janet Tyrrell were awarded for the least improved bowler. Marcia Bork had the most turkeys for the year with a total of eight, and Bev Wassenaar picked up the most splits throughout the year with a total of 15.

Table favors were furnished by Cheryl with Tupperware. Alliance Communications decorated the tables and Darlene Hofer made the centerpieces, which were served as door prizes. Eastway Bowl also donated prizes that were drawn for at the end of the evening.

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