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Sunday, April 19, 2015
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Sioux Empire United Way connecting kids to local activities
By Staff reports

May 17. 2013 6:00AM
With the warmer weather, many families and children are thinking about which youth activities to get involved in. Children have many options from sports to theater to camps and more, and Connecting Kids will provide hundreds of area students the opportunity to participate in a youth activity this year for free.

The Connecting Kids program partners with 26 different organizations to promote youth activities and provide financial resources to families who may need assistance.
One of the 26 organizations participating in the Connecting Kids program is the Brandon Area Soccer Association.

Local studies show that cost is a factor in children not being able to join the numerous activities available to them across the Sioux Empire. Connecting Kids is designed to ensure every child in grades K-8 has an opportunity for getting involved. Studies also indicate a direct correlation between getting kids involved in activities and their self-esteem, peer relationships and successes later in life. In addition to those benefits, children will learn new activities and skills. .
Parents are encouraged to inquire about Connecting Kids certificates when signing their child up for an activity. Another way to obtain a Connecting Kids certificate is by calling Sioux Empire United Way at (605) 336-2095. Children can use one certificate per calendar year, and they are redeemable at participating programs. This program is intended for those families in need of financial assistance, and eligibility will be determined by the staff at participating programs. .
For more information on the Connecting Kids program, please visit

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