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Thursday, March 05, 2015
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BV Athletic Boosters unveil new video board
By By Jill Meier
Challenger editor

May 23. 2013 6:00AM
The Brandon Valley Athletic Booster Club unveiled a six-figure gift to the school district at Sunday’s graduation ceremonies.

While the 243-member senior class was the guest of honor Sunday, the new video board lit up the Activities Center as pictures of the seniors flashed across the high-resolution 14- by 8-foot screen.

“This is just a great addition to an already fabulous facility,” said Randy Marso, BV athletic director, “and it’s made it just that much better.”

It was about a year ago, the BV Athletic Boosters were looking to take on a large capital improvement project, explained Booster President Jim Bruget. Past president Mike Klumpp proposed the idea to the Boosters, and from there it took off.

Marso said the Club’s goal was to have the video board in place by graduation.
And Sunday, that goal was met.

“The business people stepped up big time,” he said.

Bruget said the biggest hurdle of the project wasn’t coming up with the $190,000. Instead, it was getting the school board to allow advertising in the gym.

The board, however, turned out to be an easy sell.

“After pitching the idea it went through pretty smooth,” Bruget said, with a promise that the Boosters would pursue Brandon and Valley Springs businesses for the corporate sponsorships.

Selling the idea to local business owners proved to be an easy sell, too, he said. After pitching the idea to business leaders, Bruget said more 50 percent of the 12 business sponsors were sold.

“Two days later, it was completely sold out,” he said.

Signing on as anchor sponsors ($6,500 per year for five years) are Taco John’s, Pizza Ranch, Avera McGreevy Clinic and Sanford Clinic. Eight founding sponsors ($3,000 per year for five years) are Earthscapes, Inc., Bill Thompson State Farm Insurance, Brandon Health Mart Pharmacy, Heartland Funeral Home, Today’s Family Dentistry, Brandon Lumber Company, Alliance Communications and Sunshine Foods.

The quick sell came as no surprise to Marso.

“I’ve seen that with the Booster Club projects before,” he said. “With the thousands and thousands of people that go through there, it was an easy decision in getting a bang for their buck.”

The business sponsors got a sneak peek of the video board Thursday night.
“It’s really bright,” said Paul VanDeBerg of Alliance Communications.

“They lit it up that night and put it through the paces,” Bruget said, showing the sponsors crowd prompts, videos made by students and the senior’s photos.

“The resolution is so great,” Bruget said. “I think we’re going to find more things to use this for than we could ever imagine.”
Marso said no other school district in the state has this technology. “This is the newest of anybody and nobody in the state has anything like this,” he said. “And this simply would not be possible without the support of the businesses. They stepped up to the plate big time and it’s a pretty amazing commitment they made.”

And while the board has the capability to show videos, movies, live action and replays, Marso said the board will not be used in any way that would be controversial (referee calls).

The Brandon Valley Booster Club unveiled its $190,000 gift to the district at Sunday's graduation ceremonies: a new state-of-the-art video board. Photo by Jill Meier

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