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Sunday, September 21, 2014
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Committee recommends land near RBE as best site for intermediate school

June 12. 2013 3:36PM
The Facilities Review Committee submitted its report to the school board at this weekís regular meeting. Jean Bender and Mike Klumpp, co-chairs of the group, presented a summary of the work and recommendations from the Committee. The Facilities Review Committee consisted of 13 community members, two school board members, a teacher from each level and six administrators.

Upon review of the current and projected enrollments, the Committee reached early consensus that the middle school would be crowded in the 2015-16 school year and full to overflowing in 2016-17. The Committee concurred with an earlier groupís recommendation that the solution to this overcrowding should be the construction of an intermediate school for grades five and six. This would relieve the overcrowding at the middle school and would also provide space for future growth at the elementary schools delaying the need for another elementary building. After careful consideration, the Committee recommends that the intermediate school be built on 20 acres of school-owned property just west of Robert Bennis Elementary.

The Committee also recommended projects at the middle school and high school that would provide secure entries at both buildings. All visitors and students arriving after the regular start of the school day would be routed through the offices. Both projects would also solve other space issues.

The Committee also identified needs for a comprehensive stadium renewal plan. While the Committee did not develop that plan, it did identify the components that should be considered which include concession/restroom building, lighting, track reconstruction, press box replacement, additional seating and artificial turf. The concession stand and restroom facility was the top priority of the Committee, but it felt that no improvement should be made without knowing how each improvement would fit into a comprehensive plan.

The Committee also recognized that there are continuing needs in maintenance buildings and vehicle storage that should be continually evaluated by the school board. In addition, the group reminded the board that it should continue to evaluate and purchase additional school sites and consider acquiring additional land adjacent to the high school when/if it becomes available.

The school board will now need to consider the report and decide what steps it believes are in the best interest of the students and communities. A timeline will need to be developed along with a plan to finance any recommendations that are adopted. n the end, itís all about creating learning environments that result in success.

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