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Sunday, April 19, 2015
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Hoover’s Martial Arts students have early summer success
By Staff reports

June 25. 2013 10:20AM
Although the lazy days of summer are upon us, activity is high at Hoover’s Martial Arts in Brandon. Here’s a look at recent studio happenings.

New Black Belts
The summer began with a celebration for several students at Hoover’s Martial Arts in Brandon.

Instructor Greg Beaner completed a series of advanced training in forms, weapons, sparring and board breaks. On May 3, Mr. Beaner successfully completed his final testing to achieve the rank of 2nd Degree Black Belt.

There are 9 Black Belt levels
May 21 was another day to celebrate for four students that successfully completed their training and testing to achieve the rank of 1st Degree Black Belt. Molly Bly, Mallory Halling, Eric Hanson and Adam Smook completed 12 color belt testings in forms, sparring and board breaks over approximately 18 months to reach this 1st Black Belt level.

Brandon students win majority of state champ titles
During the competition year points are awarded for performances at regional, national and world competitions. These points are accumulated throughout the competition year and the top point earners in specific age and rank categories are awarded state champion titles.

State champions from Hoover’s Martial Arts in Brandon are as follows:

Greg Beaner: 1st Degree men 40-49 years old, forms/sparring/weapons;

Rob Green: 4th-5th Degree men 18-29 years old, forms;

Conrad West: 2nd-3rd Degree men 18-29 years old, forms;

Kendra Kuehn: 2nd–3rd Degree girls 9-11 years old, forms/sparring/weapons/combat sparring;

Will Bommersbach: 1st Degree boys 9-11 years old, sparring/weapons/combat sparring;

Jack Bommersbach: 1st Degree boys under 8 years old, forms/sparring/weapons/combat sparring;

Bri King: Color Belt girls 12-14 years old, forms/sparring/weapons/combat sparring
Bommersbach is district champ

The State Champions tournament was held in Minneapolis June 1. This tournament was for only those competitors that hold current state champion titles and are hoping to compete at the World Top 10 Tournament in Little Rock, Ark., in July.

Brandon student, Jack Bommersbach, was awarded District Champion title in weapons and sparring and will be competing at ATA World Competition in July.
Make An Impact summer service projects
Rob Green is a strong supporter of service projects and has completed numerous missions around the world. In July, Mr. Green will be in Costa Rica performing a summer service project with Lifeworks International. While he is in Costa Rica, students at Hoover’s Martial Arts in Brandon are encouraged to make a difference here at home.

The students have selected their own service project for the summer with the event culminating with Mr. Green’s return in August. Several projects that have already begun are trash pick up, volunteering at the Humane Society, collection for the Backpack program, held a car wash for malaria relief in Africa and more. A complete list of summer service projects will be available Aug. 6.

To learn more about Lifeworks International, go to You will also be able to follow video messages posted Green on his mission on Hoover’s Facebook page, Hoovers Martial Arts - Brandon.

Six students of Hoover's Martial Arts in Brandon garnered state champion titles. They are, from left, row one: Kendra Kuehn, Jack Bommersbach and Will Bommersbach; row two: Bri King, Conrad West, Rob Green and Greg Beaner. Submitted photo

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