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Saturday, February 28, 2015
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Four rescued from canoe stuck in mud
By By Jill Callison
Argus Leader Media

July 08. 2013 6:00AM
Sioux Falls Fire & Rescue and law enforcement officers rescued four people Thursday after a canoe became mired in mud along the Big Sioux River in northeast Sioux Falls.

Fire Rescue Capt. Michael Koopman said none of the people were injured.

"We go them checked out and got their boats for them," he said.

The rescue team spent about an hour on the scene, parking vehicles on a bridge on Timberline Avenue past Great Bear Recreation Area.

Koopman said an adult and a child were in a kayak with another adult and child in a canoe. The kayak tipped a bit and took on water, and when the canoe came over to help, it got water in it and became stuck in the mud.

The boaters were all wearing life jackets, Koopman said.

The boats were close to the shore, but calling for help was the right thing to do, he said.

'(The river) is flowing pretty good," Koopman said. "It looks calm, but underneath it's really moving. In this nice weather, we've seen a lot of activity."

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