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Monday, April 20, 2015
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New road surface coming to East Brandon
By By Alica P. Thiele
Challenger reporter

July 17. 2013 9:23AM
Instead of the traditional chip seal, the city of Brandon will try a new type of road surface this summer in the Sunrise Estates and Country Club areas, including Chestnut Boulevard.

Micro-surfacing is a polymer-modified asphalt and aggregate mixture. Simply put, the binders and the rock are mixed and applied at the same time, City Administrator Bryan Read said. The life expectancy of micro-surfacing is about the same as chip seal, he said.

Sioux Falls has been using micro-surfacing for five or six years with good results, Read said.

The process is more expensive than the past method of an oil application, followed by loose chipped rock, but in the long run, the city should save money, Read said.

The city typically sweeps streets a couple of weeks after chip seal is laid down, to remove any loose rock. That isn’t necessary with micro-surfacing. “We save time because we don’t pick up chips,” Read said.

Read said another advantage is that significantly less rock material will make its way into people’s yards.

What might be thought of as a down side is that traffic isn’t allowed on the streets during the curing process, which can last up to two hours. That is a minor issue for Mary Brooks, who lives on Country Club Avenue.
“If you know (when they’re going to do the procedure), you can plan on being off of that during that length of time,” she said.

The company doing the work, Intermountain Slurry Seal Inc. of Salt Lake City, Utah, is scheduled to be in Sioux Falls this week and will come to Brandon next, then Tea, Read said. Crews are expected in Brandon on July 29 and work will take two or three days, weather permitting.

Streets included in the city's 2013 micro-seal coating program are shown on the map. Map courtesy of Stockwell Engineers

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