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Tuesday, March 03, 2015
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Secure entrances, playground upgrades among BVSD summer projects

July 30. 2013 10:12AM
A tour of the summer projects leaves one wondering if there is any possibility that things will be ready for the first day of school on Aug. 21. Sometimes progress is more than is readily apparent, but the district got a late start on some projects and it is not obvious how all the work can get done.

Secure entrances and security upgrades at the elementary schools are underway.
Concrete work is progressing at Robert Bennis and Fred Assam elementary schools and the contractor seems to be waiting on the delivery of fabricated entry and window structures. At Brandon Elementary the inside block for the secure entry has been laid and carpet is being removed in preparation for new carpet. Brandon Elementary is also getting some roofing done that is well underway. However, progress on the playground and west parking lot at Brandon Elementary is evidenced only by the presence of a grader and some storm drain in the parking lot. The Robert Bennis playground is getting a new rubber surface to increase the safety there.

The middle school is getting some cabinetry installed and that seems to be almost complete. There is grading occurring at the site of the old skate park where a new band practice field is being built. Throughout the district a major technology upgrade is underway in all the buildings where wireless networks are being installed.

Most of these projects undoubtedly will be complete when students return. At worst, the finishing touches on a project will be an inconvenience. We have seen contractors make extraordinary progress quickly in the past. From my perspective, it would be a good time to shift into that higher gear.

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