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Saturday, December 27, 2014
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Police report: 7/31

July 31. 2013 9:47AM
Tuesday, July 30
Public assist in 1000 block of East Teakwood Street.
Intentional damage to property in 1800 block of West Frontier Street, under investigation.
Medical emergency in 3100 block of East Augustana Place, turned over to MED-Star.
Fraud reported in 200 block of West Evergreen Drive, advised.
911 hang-up in 200 block of East Patrician Drive, checked OK, advised.
Neighbor dispute in 1310 block of East Sylvan Circle, both parties advised.
Stalking reported in 1200 block of East Redwood Boulevard, under investigation
Theft reported in 900 block of South Aspen Park Road, under investigation.
Parking violation in 900 block of South Aspen Park Drive, advised, sent on way.
Two-vehicle accident in 300 block of East Holly Boulevard, $1,500.
Disorderly subjects in 500 block of East Holly Boulevard, all advised.

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