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Tuesday, April 21, 2015
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40 new hires this year at Brandon Valley

August 20. 2013 9:00AM
The start of a new school year arrived this week for Brandon Valley staff, and students will arrive on Aug. 21. The district welcomes over 40 new employees including 26 new to the professional staff. Last spring’s retirements, new classroom positions and replacements for those moving away, account for all the new hires.

We believe we have found some wonderful new employees who are eager to step in to take up where their predecessors left off. Brandon Valley is fortunate to have a reputation and location that attracts quality applicants when it has vacancies.

Many districts in the state are not that lucky and they sometimes find themselves with just a few applications for openings. In Brandon Valley the competition is strong and that helps us in our quest to find the very best.

The Brandon Valley Challenger will be highlighting some of the new teachers over the next few weeks to help the community get to know them. We are looking forward to getting to know them better as they begin their careers in Brandon Valley and we know they will join us in working hard to create learning environments that result in success.

Let the learning begin!

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