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Friday, January 30, 2015
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Police report: 8/30

August 30. 2013 8:21AM
Thursday, Aug. 29
Medical emergency in 3110 block of East Augusta Place, turned over to MED-Star.
Two-vehicle accident in 300 block of South Splitrock Boulevard, $450.
Check well-being of juveniles in 1300 block of East Sylvan Circle, checked OK.
Truancy reported in 1210 block of East Redwood Boulevard, unable to locate.
Michelle Lorraine Weyh, 47, arrested for burglary in 100 block of East Cedar Street.
Public assist in 1500 block of East Redwood Boulevard.
Susipicious subject in 900 block of South Aspen Park Road, checked OK, advised.
Public assist in 300 block of East Main Avenue, advised.
Report of an intoxicated subject in 400 block of South Kirkwood Boulevard, checked OK.
Assist Highway Patrol with a two-vehicle accident on I-90.

Animal complaints
Animal bite reported in 1300 block of East Sylvan Circle.
Check well-being of dog in vehicle in 110 block of North Splitrock Boulevard.
Stray dog in 1800 block of South Locust Avenue.
Barking dog complaint in 1000 block of East Aspen Boulevard.

This week, the Brandon Police issued 29 citations and 22 warnings.

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