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Saturday, December 20, 2014
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Thanks BV Boosters, fans for another successful Pigskin Classic

September 10. 2013 3:48PM
Thanks to the Brandon Valley Athletic Boosters for organizing another great Pigskin Classic. This event gives our community a wonderful opportunity to come together for some fun and to support the Lynx. While the weather certainly did not cooperate in the fourth quarter, we were blessed with good weather for the rest of the day’s activities.

The Pigskin Classic is a major fundraiser for the Boosters and others. This year was another successful event and I want to thank all the dozens of volunteers who make the day go so smoothly. It is these people who help make our programs strong at Brandon Valley, which we value more than they know.

While the football game itself did not turn out as we hoped, we can be proud of the great effort the team (and fans) put into the event. It is a tough draw to play the top-ranked team in your first game, but during the first half especially, we showed we could keep it close. It will be fun to follow our AAA Lynx as the season progresses. Go Lynx!

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