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Sunday, April 19, 2015
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Sewer, water, park improvements among city’s 2014 projects
By By Jill Meier
Challenger editor

September 11. 2013 9:32AM
There’s few “frills” built into Brandon’s 2014 proposed budget, according to City Administrator Bryan Read.

The $4.9 million general fund budget will cover another phase of the Sylvan Circle utility replacement project, which is about $530,000 total. Read said $265,000 from the water fund will go toward the project. The project, which is slated for summer 2014, will extend from the lift station in Pioneer Park to the intersection of Crystal Place and Custer Parkway. Sewer and water lines will be upgraded along with the street replacement.

“Improvements to the lift station were not originally intended but we need to do that to gain some depth at Pioneer Park,” Read said.

The city also hopes to add three new wells. Those wells are planned for east side of the city, near Big Sioux Rec Area and at Aspen Park.

The city will take out a $3.5 million bond for the project, Read said.

A total of $210,000 in park funds is earmarked for improvements at three of the city’s neighborhood parks: Sunrise, Buskirk and Pioneer. Sunrise and Buskirk will both gain a combined shelter-rest room, while new playground equipment is scheduled for Pioneer Park.

Read said the city will continue with street maintenance, renovate a couple of the city’s lift stations, and move forward with one more study, this one being a pavement management plan.
“We have studies done for our water, sewer and a master park plan,” Read said. “So this one will rate the streets, and then we will put the three studies (water, sewer, infrastructure) together and make some priorities for future projects,” Read said.

An emergency alert siren will be erected in the city’s industrial park area, and a siren, which is now located near the city’s unused water tower will be relocated closer to the Sunrise Park development.

Document management software, which will also city staff to scan documents to create a searchable database, is another budgeted expense for next year. Read said money has been budgeted to hire an intern to perform the timely task.

The council held a first reading of the proposed budget on Sept. 3. The council is scheduled to adopt next year’s budget on Monday, Sept. 16.

New playground equipment at Pioneer Park is among the city's 2014 budgeted expenses. Challenger file photo

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