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Sunday, April 19, 2015
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Enjoy fall colors at ‘Spirits of the Forest’walks at Good Earth State Park at Blood Run
By By Jen Nuncio
State Park Naturalist

September 19. 2013 10:00AM
Golden yellow fields of tall, golden grass prairie, deep hallows filled with majestic burr oak trees, silver maples transforming their colors with the fall brisk nights, acorns falling, crunching leaves and buzzing insects … nature has set the stage for another breathtaking autumn at Good Earth State Park at Blood Run.

This summer South Dakota officially opened Good Earth State Park at Blood Run to the world. This awe-inspiring area, just south of Sioux Falls, is a nature’s paradise. With a rich history of Native American people and wonderful woodlands and pristine prairies not matched by any park around. Have you visited our newest park in 40 years? If this is your first time or one of many, this is an event for you.

The next two Saturdays, Sept. 21 and 28, the “Spirits of the Forest” walk will open all of your senses to the nature around you. Starting at 7 p.m. you will have the opportunity to experience autumn the way nature intended.

Your self-guided walk will begin near the parking lot to Good Earth State Park and head out along one of the four trails. This just over one-mile trail has been decorated with many unique additions to enhance your experience. Using your senses, walk and take in all the wonderful nature around you, and be surrounded by the wonders of fall.
After you have completed your walk, back at the start hot apple cider and a cozy campfire will await you. When darkness has set in, a park naturalist will share the night sky with you through the telescope along with some wonderful constellation stories. Young or old, this event will be enjoyed by all.

Good Earth State Park is located just south of Sioux Falls off Highway 11. Currently, the park has over three miles of hiking trails, a water fountain, portable bathroom, and a parking lot located near the trail head. The park is free to visit with no park entrance license required at this time. Closed-toe shoes, bottled water, and bug spray is recommended for this hike. This area may not be accessible to people with some disabilities at this time.

For more information please call Newton Hills State Park at 605-987-2263 or visit the website

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