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Thursday, April 02, 2015
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Fox 7 pulls plug on DISH customers in eastern South Dakota
By Staff reports

September 26. 2013 10:46AM
Communications Inc., owner of Fox 7 KTTW-TV, has blocked DISH customers from receiving its local and network programming in Sioux Falls, DISH (NASDAQ: DISH).

“DISH has offered to pay the same rates as our primary competitors, in line with the market value for this programming,” said Sruta Vootukuru, DISH director of programming. “Fox 7 rejected that offer and dismissed our offer to prevent any disruption to its viewers through a contract extension during continued negotiations.”

Independent Communications ended the retransmission rights that DISH previously held. Without those rights, DISH no longer has the legal right to provide the Fox 7 signal to DISH customers.

Independent Communications is demanding that DISH pay more than seven times the amount that DISH paid under terms of the contract that just expired.

“Ironically, Independent Communications is encouraging customers to watch Fox 7 using its free over-the-air signal, while they continue to seek a massive price increase from DISH for the same content,” she said. “Furthermore, the broadcaster is asking customers to switch to other pay-TV services, which are then subject to the same customer-squeezing tactics down the road. Independent Communications seem to have drifted away from its service commitment to the community, but DISH is ready to listen to a fair proposal to bring programming back to Fox 7 viewers.”

DISH has served the Sioux Falls area for more than 15 years, and continues to deliver local news and programming in the community via KDLT-TV, KELO-TV, KSFY-TV and KSMN-TV.

To learn more about DISH’s negotiations with Independent Communications, visit

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