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Wednesday, April 01, 2015
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ICU has BVMS students completing all assignments

October 01. 2013 10:41AM
The school board heard a great presentation from Brad Thorson and Nick Skibsted on a program called ICU that is being implemented at the middle school. ICU had its beginnings a couple years ago, but is now getting more emphasis. The goal of the program is that every student completes every assignment.

Brandon Valley hosted a conference late this summer by the authors of the program and the great success they have seen all around the country re-energized the staff and administration at the middle school. They have made the commitment to do whatever it takes to get kids to do all their homework. The slogan, “Never leave them alone” describes the tenacious pursuit of missing assignments that students can expect from everyone at the middle school.

Not doing homework is one of the leading causes of student failure in school. All those zeros that students accumulate damage their grades beyond repair in short order.
Once a student sees that there is no way to pass, it just becomes a vicious cycle. Of course, doing meaningful homework is part of the learning process. So, when students do the work, they find themselves passing their courses and really learning the material.

The middle school has a software product that helps them track missing work. When a teacher puts a missing assignment in the system, it automatically sends a text or email to the student’s parents. Getting the parents informed and involved is a critical piece of the puzzle. The parent also gets an email when the assignment is completed.

The ICU program is just one more way that the staff at the middle school is creating learning environments that result in success. We applaud their efforts!

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